How to start a youth-led bias training organization?

Hi everyone! Very excited to be a member of the PeaceFirst community! My two high school friends and I presented at a reproductive justice conference about three weeks ago. Hearing other non-profit leaders speak about the need for youth in the movement for equity inspired me to create a board of passionate, experienced youth (8th to 12th grade, maybe a little beyond) hosting workshops to minimize racism, sexism, queer and transphobia, ableism, so on and so forth within classrooms and schools. Instead of Ivy-League educated adults talking to adults about these issues, the same students they wish to advocate for (us) will be the ones speaking on their own behalf on what affects them in schools. What I'm trying to get down to is: where exactly should I begin this project? Who should I reach out to in order to get my name out there? Thank you!
-adia samba-quee