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To Solve the Injustice of Muslims being portrayed as terrorists on the media, we will address The lack of knowledge, by Showing Islamic followers differently and also positively.


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Submitted by daltonpf (not verified) on Wed, 12/31/1969 - 19:00


Hi @rb.spcomp4.139,

I'm Dalton and I work here at Peace First and am here to provide some feedback on your insight:

I think you and your team are touching on something really important and timely and it's clearly driven out of your experiences and compassion, great job!

What I'd like to see as you move this forward is you and your team making doing some research about your target audience - who do you think needs to see these positive stories of Muslims the most? How will you reach them? What types of content do they respond to (digital, video, newspaper, etc)? I would suggest working with someone that may be more reluctant to engage with Muslims - for peacemaking to be most effective, you'll need to reach out across lines of difference (while remaining safe!). I think with a really solid understanding of who you want to reach, your team will be able to create a REALLY effective awareness/storytelling campaign.

Good luck!
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Submitted by anonymous_stub (not verified) on Wed, 12/31/1969 - 19:00