Seed ball concept towards Greening Earth to School and Community

We, Asset Trust plan to educate the children on lowest cost seed ball technique and help to adopt this method and get them jointly involve in garden activities (growing of plants and trees) , creating happier
school life among children by motivating & explain greening school full of plants &trees.The project, to put it in a nutshell, involves education, training, working out preparatory stages including discussion with school management, Parents of school children, village community leaders, potential volunteers etc.,imparting & enhancing knowledge, skills & capacities at all levels, identification of children's
interests in planting different sort of trees, seedlings, available and required resources, nature & levels of participation of children, school children and village community, Planting out suitable strategies & techniques. To achieve the desired the results there will be systematic consultations with school children & management over the need and importance of raising plants or growing garden together which will help children & local community to enjoy nature and speak of creation. Sowing of seeds, planting of saplings in
garden, water in the plants, Process of waiting, watching, enjoying & examining the growth of plants & blooming of flowers, formation & strengthening of healthy body and mind of children, motivation &
involvement of community in afforestation programs, acting as a centre of recreaton & community education are part of the project . There will be mix in the planting we will supply seeds, saplings & seed balls and will ensure proper organization of watering the saplings. The proposed activity is to be implemented at schools in 5 villages coming under Thiruparankundram panchayat union in Madurai District , Tamil Nadu, India and all activities carried from in the year 2018 -19 , there will be close monitoring supervision, and evaluation involving children parents teachers and local community towards success.


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Submitted by Krishna A. on Thu, 02/22/2018 - 22:05


Asset Trust is a registered Non Government Organization stress on preparing school children to be productive & creative citizens of their own state by way of helping to equip new & progressive ideas &
thoughts The issues & problems needs of school children at 5 villages from Thiruparankundram Block Madurai District India are prime concern with environment, sanitation, health, hygiene, nutrition
education and empowerment , by right thinking peace loving and development seeking people, we are strong view that holistic development of school children is not just ending with curriculam, in order to cater to the needs and aspirations of school children at 5 villages towards addressing to crucial issues on environment, ecology, the children were first made to reflect over the root causes of problems, need to evolve action plan proper. taking into consideration we would like to introduce seed ball concept towards Greening Earth and Local community. So Asset Trust request funding towards to reach and get success of the project.