Adrian B.

February 09, 2018

Hi Jordanne!

Thanks for posting this question--it's an important one. Do you have ideas about why all people don't have access to healthy food? One thing that can help deepen your understanding of this issue is interviewing people who don't have healthy food, people who cause this injustice (who create the situation where people don't have healthy food), and people who are already working to end this injustice. Here are some resources for doing that:

And some organizations that work on food justice:

It can also help to do some reading on your own--here are a few resources I found useful:

You can also invite others to participate in this conversation right here on this question's page. There are a number of people/teams working on projects that address various aspects of food injustice. Here are a few you might want to connect with:

And some questions that go down similar trains of thought:

I hope all this helps! Let me know how we can support you.