3D-Printed Guns

3D Printed Gun

One version of a 3D printed gun.
PHOTO CREDIT: Robert MacPherson/AFP/Getty Images via Vox


Today, blueprints for 3D-printed guns are set to go live online. A few years ago, the State Department shut down a company that wanted to publish blueprints online for people to download and then 3D-print their own guns. The company sued stating that the government was violating free speech and gun rights.


Last month, the Trump administration settled with the company and declared that they can continue with their operation. This is troublesome as it makes it easier for people to get guns even if they don’t pass background checks. 3D printed guns won’t have serial numbers so they’re impossible to trace, and since they are made of plastic, they likely wouldn’t set off metal detectors.


Eight states have since sued in an attempt to block this company from making the blueprints available publicly. In a time when mass shootings are a common occurrence, we should be moving towards making it harder, not easier, to get a gun.


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