Attempted lynching of Bi-racial boy in New Hampshire

Protest against racism - NH

People gathered in a park in Claremont, N.H., on Tuesday to protest against racism. PHOTO CREDIT: James M. Patterson/The Valley News, via Associated Press & NY Times


Last month, a disturbing incident was reported regarding a potential hate crime in a small town in New Hampshire. An 8-year-old, bi-racial boy was playing outside with his sister when a group of young teenagers started causing trouble. They allegedly made some racist comments before forcing the boy onto a picnic table, tying a rope around his neck, and pushing him off to dangle and struggle. His sister screamed for help and said her brother was kicking his feet, grabbing at his neck and turned purple before dropping to the ground. The boy was later treated at the hospital for rope burns on his neck. 
The event gained national attention when his mother made it public with a heart-wrenching post on Facebook:

State authorities are investigating this incident as a potential hate crime and many are demanding justice for what they're calling an attempted lynching. The pure sight of it brings back memories of America’s dark past with racism. 
This week, community members in New Hampshire gathered to protest racism. They sang songs such as “We Shall Overcome" and demonstrated their support for racial justice. 
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