Boston, MA Channel Kindness Award Winner: Max

Max, 14, runs his own nonprofit, Catching Joy, which helps kids and families volunteer and give back together, all over Massachusetts. But Max doesn’t just catch joy - he spreads it in everything he does.

For his event, Max wanted to organize his community to show kindness to refugees and folks experiencing homelessness in Boston. Max know how to draw a crowd, but even he was surprised when over 85 people -- from toddlers to grandparents! -- filled a local bookstore for his “Words Matter” event.

There, his volunteers decorated cards for refugees with messages of hope, kindness, and welcoming. They also collected socks to be donated to local homeless shelters. And Max seized the moment to spread a message of kindness, inclusion, and love.

“I have learned that the greatest superpower is empathy. When we understand what it is like to be in another person’s shoes, then we’ll feel compelled to do something to help.”