#CultivatingCharacter – Character Day 2017

On September 13th, the world will celebrate the 4th Annual Character Day, which aims to start a global conversation about the importance of developing and improving character. Last year, there were 93,000 events for Character Day, hosted in 125 countries and all 50 states. Sign up today to join over 100,000 groups already participating. Watch the trailer below to learn more and see what Character Day is really all about:

Watch 1min Character Day Trailer from The Moxie Institute on Vimeo.

Wisdom, Courage, Humanity, Justice, Temperance, and Transcendence. These are the seven pillars of character that the day focuses on strengthening. In a world with so much injustice, we could all use a day to build up our character and become true peacemakers. The organizers of Character Day are posing this question to all global citizens:

What Does the World Need More of Right Now?

Holding signs saying what the world needs now

Join the conversation this September 13th by taking a picture of yourself holding the sign and posting it to your favorite social media channels with hashtag #CultivatingCharacter.

Join a community of peacemakers and start your own project today!