Finding a Solution to Gun Violence

Google "youth gun violence" and you will come across two types of results - youth who are the perpetrators of gun violence or youth who are the victims of gun violence.

What you won't find are the young people actively doing the work to prevent the gun violence we have all become too accustomed to. Young people across the US are thinking, planning, acting. They have ideas and solutions on how we can better protect each other and reduce gun violence.

For example, Mary-Pat, a Peace First Fellow, created a shock ad campaign called Think Twice.

Mary-Pat protesting collage

And then there are teams of young people in Chicago working to address gun violence in a number of ways. Like BAM Against Gun Violence, which is building community to reduce violence:

“As survivors of gun violence we chose not to fight fire with fire but instead we choose to solve the problem at the root cause. Our story drives us to better our community and protect other young people like ourselves.”

And finally, yesterday, in the midst of the Broward county school shooting, one high school student, while seeking cover, interviewed his fellow students.

This action helps highlight the NECESSITY we hear young people's voices in our conversation around gun violence, as they are too often the targets and victims.

If you NEED to start your own project to address this issue, join Peace First and gain access to our tools, resources, and funding.