Good Starts Young and Here's the Proof

Peace First, with the support of The Allstate Foundation, just completed our inaugural Peace First Challenge! We invited young people from across the country to identify a critical issue in their community and imagine and implement their compassionate solutions. Last week, ten teams were invited to The Allstate Foundation Good Starts Young Rally in Chicago, where they received three days of intense mentoring and coaching and $2,000 to advance their projects.

“We as a community created a safe space where people of all different backgrounds could come together to solve the injustices of the world around us.”

-Alexis Werner, Peace First Fellow

collage of images from the Good Starts Young Rally in Chicago

Each team, working with an adult facilitator and Peace First Fellow, learned from content experts, progressed their projects, and developed a presentation for the final day, when one team was awarded a $10,000 grant.

“I wanted to thank you again for organizing the Peace First Challenge and the Good Starts Young rally. You gave me and my friends a platform for us to voice our concerns and ideas on how to solve issues in our school and community.”

-Team Fig