Anonymous protesters in Kenya for LGBTQ rights

In this Monday, Feb. 10, 2014 file photo, Kenyan gays and lesbians and others supporting their cause wear masks to preserve their anonymity as they stage a rare protest, against Uganda's increasingly tough stance against homosexuality and in solidarity with their counterparts there, outside the Uganda High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya. PHOTO CREDIT: AP Photo/Ben Curtis via AP News


On Friday, the high court of Kenya ruled to maintain a century-old ban on gay sex. Kenya is one of 70 countries that still criminalizes same-sex relations between two consenting adults. In 26 of those countries, the penalty varies from 10 years in prison to life.


“At least half of Kenya’s LGBT persons in Kenya have suffered physical and verbal assault, according to a survey by the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. Most assaults are not reported because gays don’t have confidence they would get protection from the police.” ~ activist Eric Gitari via AP News


Kenya’s laws date back to their colonization under the British that banned same-sex relations. This outdated law should be overturned to restore the rights of the LGBTQ community.


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