LA limits plastic straws this Earth Day


Paper straws replacing plastic straws in California

A bartender at Wipeout Bar & Grill in San Francisco makes cocktails that have paper straws. PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Sullivan | Getty Images via CNBC


It’s Earth Day, and beginning today, plastic straws will be in short supply in Los Angeles. In an effort to reduce single-use plastic, the city has enacted an ordinance prohibiting L.A. restaurants from offering or providing disposable plastic straws unless customers request them.


L.A. has not completely banned plastic straws like San Francisco has, but this is the first step in that direction. L.A. council members are looking into phasing out plastic straws entirely by 2021.


“More than 500 million plastic straws are used daily in the U.S., many of which end up in waterways, which can kill marine life when they are ingested.” ~ via CBS Los Angeles

Small restaurants with less than 26 employees will be exempt until October 1st when the ordinance will be expanded to all restaurants. Restaurants, including fast food chains, will be given warnings for their first two violations. After that, each violation will merit a $25 fine.


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