Maine bans styrofoam to protect the environment

Styrofoam ban

PHOTO CREDIT: Shutterstock via CNN


Next week, Maine will become the first state to ban styrofoam. The law, will prohibit restaurants, caterers, coffee shops and grocery stores from using to-go foam containers because they cannot be recycled in Maine. This monumental law to protect the environment will go into effect beginning January 1, 2021.


"Polystyrene cannot be recycled like a lot of other products, so while that cup of coffee may be finished, the Styrofoam cup it was in is not. In fact, it will be around for decades to come and eventually it will break down into particles, polluting our environment, hurting our wildlife, and even detrimentally impacting our economy." ~ Governor Janet Mills of Maine via CNN


According to the Natural Resources Council of Maine, more than 256 million pieces of disposable foam cups, plates, bowls, platters, and trays are used every year in Maine. Styrofoam isn’t easily recycled, it absorbs toxins, and can be hard to clean up because it breaks down into little pieces, which are mistaken for food and eaten by marine life.


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