A Movement in Afghanistan

"Afghanistan’s most striking grass-roots movement for peace in recent years started with just eight people."

Beginning as a hunger strike in response to a suicide bombing in the Helmand Province, a group of young men has started a movement within Afghanistan. Marching north, these men ranging in age from 17-65 are calling for an end to the war in their country.

Many are living in fear of the Taliban and simultaneously distrustful of the government actually protecting them. Their decision to stand and walk and build a movement is truly courageous and comes from their incredible compassion for their country. Braving 100-degree weather and miles of empty landscape, these men are dedicated to helping their community.

And despite the hard, grueling work, they're still charming and human and hilarious:

“You know, my wife told me that I shouldn’t even dare coming back through the door if I don’t lose weight on this march.”

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