My peacemaking experience in Falagountou, How great!

I'm Abdoul Aziz TRAORE . A young African leader and president of SUUDU ANDAL, a civil society organization . I stand for peace, gender equality, social justice and youth participation to Open Government Partnership. It has been a great opportunity for me to work on the project of promotion of civic participation of youth in Burkina Faso , in Falagountou village. In fact , this region is remote. People of this village are left behind and stigmatized. With my researches, I have noticed that youth of this region lack of social education and they are facing terrorists attacks. There was also a lack of social justice and a rivality between youth of different background. So with the support of Peace First, I've benefit from a small grand to deliver a conference on political leadership, peace-building and entrepreneurship to 60 girls and youth of this village. I was excited to see that youth have initiatives and want to contribute to the development of their country and fight gender based violence and fight religion and cultural injustice. Many of them took resolutions. They were very happy to see that youth like us are committing themselves to peace. 

We have learned a lot. To have compassion and live with people to see their weakness and look for means and ways to help them shine again. 

With this experience I will more committed to the cause of peace and go toward rural communities that are left behind. No one will be left behind from now. And I'll look for support to fulfill the goal. We have to change the narrative. Give back power to inclusion. We wil; renew trust between communities and give voice to the voiceless. 

Happy International Day of Peace !