Nearly 500,000 people lose some health coverage in Kentucky

Protest for health insurance in Kentucky

The Rev. William J. Barber speaks at a protest organized by the Kentucky Poor People's Campaign in Frankfort on June 4, 2018.
PHOTO CREDIT: Bryan Woolston / AP  via NBC News


Nearly half a million people in Kentucky will be losing vision and dental coverage in their health insurance. Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky has been trying to change the rules of Medicaid to impose work requirements in order for people to receive health benefits. In a federal court last week, a judge ruled that a work requirement defeated the purpose of giving health coverage to those who really need it.


As a result of the Governor’s failed attempt to restrict Medicaid, he initiated serious cuts to the program to eliminate coverage of vision and dental benefits. No longer can nearly 500,000 Kentucky residents receive eyeglasses or a root canal when they need it.


"We call for thoughtful discussions involving the administration and the many statewide stakeholders in the path forward in assuring Kentucky's working families have health care." ~ Democratic State Rep. Joni Jenkins via NBC News


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