Peace Is Possible In Nigeria

Timothy Michael Adepoju is a dedicated peace activist whose day-to-day life demonstrates his belief that “peace is possible In Nigeria”. His passion to engage in service to humanity was sparked in February of 2006 when he witnessed the killing of his mother, brother and sister during a religious crisis in the northern part of the country.

The Triade Peace Foundation has since been formed (TRIADE means trio of Adepojus’ murdered) as an organization to promote love, forgiveness and tolerance, irrespective of religion, beliefs, tribe, culture and ethnicity.

Timothy is Executive Director of the foundation, which is working to spread the culture of entrenched peaceful coexistence amongst Nigerian youth, particularly with students. A graduate of electrical engineering, he has been converted into a social and humanitarian ambassador. He has studied conflict resolution and peace promotion and is currently providing psychosocial support to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in refugee camps, and promoting peace through schools using students as gatekeepers to the wider society. He also uses audio and video documentaries to walk victims through his own experience to teach the love and forgiveness he has learned to demonstrate during and after the crisis.