#PeaceByDialogue for a better Cameroon

 Why the injustice ?
My Name is Bongwong Justin Berinyuy and I am one of the 39 Official Global Peace Ambassadors from Cameroon at Global Peace Chain. I'm also working with Center for Human Right and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA).

Global Peace Ambassadors  Cameroon have started a campaign to sensitize for dialogue in Cameroon and  we would like to invite peacemakers around the world to support our campaign against violence in Cameroon through petition... #PeaceByDialogue . 

We want you to rally behind us as We  engage the world to endorse that the only solution to Peace is dialogue and mutual understanding. We stand for a prosperous ,stable,and war free society where every human live free from panic.

We request world leaders and the United Nation to end war in Cameroon by giving chance to dialogue and set table which must  address issues and bring ice into the affected societies Anglophone Regions of Cameroon being inclusive.

The project seeks to lay down strategies to build a generation free from violence and  a culture of peace in young people.

Working with 39 Ambassadors from Cameroon under the country Director Mr Allen.
Global Peace Chain is going to submit a Peace Petition which states #PeacebyDialogue in United Nations Headquarters with a signatures of 1 Million youth members from each part of the world. 
Support us to share and speak for  a worldwide campaign to promote the message of peace and love. Global Peace Ambassadors from each part of the world organizes Peace Camps, Peace rallies, Peace Walks and National Level Peace Summits.
 It’s an honor and privilege to  be supported in  the petition.
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#PeaceByDialogue #GlobalPeaceChain. #GlobalPeaceAmbassador #JourneyTowardsPeace #YesWeCan

Blog :   https://volunteer499.wordpress.con

Twitter: @bongwongj

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 “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  -Peacemaker360
      They will supported  us !!!! According to them. ..
 Mainstream and social media are
 constantly flooded with despondent stories of conflict and war around the world. Yet, while it is crucial to report on these tragedies, the stories of local peacemakers and activists are often left untold. The stories of ordinary citizens, who brave all odds in search of building peaceful communities, often never reach the newsrooms of influential media agencies. Peacemaker 360  will support us  to disrupt this negative pattern by telling the stories of resilience and courage of ordinary people working for peace in their communities and around the world. By so doing, we hope to inspire, connect, amplify activism for peace and justice around the world. We believe that these stories matter to restore the dignity of people in places affected by conflicts and shape transformative peace narratives.The land of hope has become the land of War