The start of tuition-free college in New York

This week, New York state began enrolling residents in any of their state colleges withFREE tuition. The program is called the Excelsior Scholarship and is the country’s first accessible college program. By providing free tuition to students from families that make $125,000 or less per year, New York state is tackling the injustice of prohibitive costs for higher education.

For the first time ever, 80% of New York families will have the opportunity to send their kids to college tuition-free. Students can attend any of the public colleges in New York state or New York City, and in return for receiving this benefit, they will just need to remain in New York for however many years they were on the scholarship. So if you received four years of tuition-free college, you should continue to live in New York for four years after graduation.

The Excelsior Scholarship program has been a key priority for Governor Cuomo of New York. He believes public education is a great equalizer in our society, and thus, a right that should extend to higher education, such as two and four-year state colleges.

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