Victory for Community Health Centers and CHIP

Red Alert Day poster


This week, Community Health Centers (CHCs) were facing a crisis in regards to funding. Some sites were at risk of closing if the government did not vote to extend federal funding. On Tuesday, Feb. 6th, health centers mobilized for a national day of demonstration that they called “Red Alert Day.” Supporters wore red to support their Community Health Centers and were called upon to advocate with their members of Congress.


After yet another government shutdown, Congress has just agreed on a short-term spending deal that will finally fund our nation’s Community Health Centers. This is a victory for healthcare justice as Community Health Centers often serve the neediest families in our communities.


In addition to funding for CHCs, the deal has also extended CHIP funding (Children’s Health Insurance Program) for a total of 10 years. Now families can be at ease, knowing their children can surely access medical care for years to come.


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