“YOUNG PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS YOUNG PEOPLE’S SOLUTION -The power of young People in Restoring Justice

Beatrice is a sixteen-year-old girl studying in Form three at Fraternity Secondary school in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp.  She lost her father 2 years ago and she is living with her widowed mother in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, Tanzania.

Due to her mother’s extreme poverty, Beatrice was forced by her mother, after getting advice from her family, to drop out of school in order to help her mum find money to support the family’s needs.

Beatrice felt disappointed when she heard about abandoning school in order to support her mum to find money through petty business in the camp. But-Beatrice didn’t quit! She decided to reach out to the school management for support to continue with her studies. She explained her mother’s plan to end her studies to the headmaster, who went directly to meet Beatrice’s mother for advocacy…but in vain! After numerous discussions between the school management and Beatrice’s family, the family’s opinion won out, Beatrice dropped out of school to embrace a small ambulant business of fruits and vegetables around the camp six months ago.

Mobilized by the youths advocacy Team (YAT) to take part in the  inter-young girls platforms on the common injustices around young people in July, 2018; Beatrice agreed to share her problems with peers on the platform and was allowed to attend both the training on children rights and the brainstorming session which followed thereafter.

The team of YAT accompanied Beatrice in her struggle to return school by meeting and dialoging with Beatrice’s Mother on the matter, the team started by explaining the impact of Beatrice’s education as one of the biggest pillars in Beatrice’s future social and economic life, as well as the consequences of Beatrice’s school dropout in the process of inclusive socio-economic development

After numerous YAT interventions and vibrant, inclusive discussions in favor of Beatrice’s education—which included the involvement of International Rescue committee (IRC)-Child protection  (CP) and Sexual and Gender Based violence (SGBV), Beatrice’s mother was fully convinced to take Beatrice away unconditionally from all kinds of income-generating activities and allow her to return to school by 2nd September, 2018.  

Young people can create solutions to young people’s problems.  Young people have the power to change negative ideas and situations into positive actions.