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Peace First began funding a small number of projects in Nigeria in early 2018, and soon began supporting a growing and thriving community of young social entrepreneurs across the country. The program spread quickly through word-of-mouth from young social change leaders, and now Peace First supports young people to solve community problems across the continent, with particularly large hubs of youth supported in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. Peace First’s training and direct grants have enabled young people to launch projects to improve infrastructure in their communities, implement evidence-based sex education programs, create impactful out-of-school-time educational programs, and a lot more. Our young African change leaders are closely connected through virtual and occasional in-person meetups, collaborating and partnering on shared projects and benefitting from the wisdom and resources of their peers in the Peace First community.


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Project Spotlights


Volunteer Better
Abigail is improving the volunteering process and experience for the young people in Nigeria looking to make a difference.



Unable to just allow pervasive societal misogyny in his own community, Alex started SGBV to raise awareness and work towards a more equal future. 


Fellow in Residence & Regional Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa

Fellows-in-Residence Seun

Seun Olagunju
Seun is a social entrepreneur who founded Beyond the Surface Development Initiative to create educational solutions that empower teenagers in low-income communities in Africa. Through the initiative, Seun works to provide quality education to every child, with a focus on social and emotional learning programs. She has worked with schools and organisations within her local communities to establish a sustainable system of education development in African teenagers through clubs, programs and other resources. Seun has established three education clubs across three local communities in Ogun State, Nigeria and reached over 1000 teenagers through her different programs.

In 2019, Seun was featured by Leading Ladies Africa as a young woman transforming Africa through impact at the community level. She is also a 2019 Subomi Plumptre fellow and a 2020 Peace First grantee.


Fellows-in-Residence Oluwaseun

Oluwseun Kayode
Oluwaseun Kayode is the Regional Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa at Peace First. For nearly 30 years, Peace First has supported thousands of young people all around the world to address issues in their community, from poverty and violence to gender inequality and climate change, and invested millions of dollars in their ideas for social change. They serve young people in over 140 countries, investing real resources -- tools, coaching, funding -- in their ideas, and building a community of young leaders from all over the world working for peace, justice, and the Sustainable Development Goals. With six years of experience in the education space, he has worked on a lot of local and over fifteen international education projects. He was invited to speak at the Teach For All Global Conference in Armenia about his work and also got accepted into the Peace First Accelerator Program in Austin, Texas then transitioned to becoming a Fellow-in-Residence and Regional Manager for the same organization.

When he is not working at Peace First, He spends time at Schoolinka (a social enterprise he founded), designing exciting professional development opportunities for low-income teachers in Africa leveraging technology. Schoolinka was recently mentioned as one of the African Union Top 50 Education Innovations in Africa.