Peace First Staff

Executive Office


Eric Dawson
CEO & Co-Founder

As CEO, my job is to amplify the amazing work of young people and chart a course for Peace First.

I was an angry kid and wasn't always taken seriously. I want to make sure every single young person on the planet who wants to change the world, can.





Sydney Axelrod
Special Projects Manager

I provide strategic, operational, administrative and programmatic support to our co-founder/CEO, as well as help operationalize, facilitate, coordinate and manage inter-functional projects.

I have been passionate about promoting peaceful alternatives to destructive conflicts ever since I fell in love with the process of mediation in high school. My work at Peace First allows me the unique opportunity to leverage my interpersonal skills to contribute to larger-scale social change by supporting young changemakers around the world.




Sonnia Juo
Project Coordinator

I provide operational and design support to accelerate the YouthTrust project so we can continue to scale and amplify youth-led social impact.

I believe in young people. I believe if we say they are the future, then we need to listen to them, trust in them and center and empower them as leaders.


Operational Leadership Team


Dalia Ezzat
Director of Communications

I lead Peace First's communications function, amplifying stories of young social innovators around the globe, while promoting the organization's mission of building a more just and peaceful world.

I want to help young people own the narrative about their ability to lead social change.




Amy H

Amy Harris
Director of Youth Investment

Fundraiser. Community-Builder. Culture Creator.

I love Peace First's approach because we don’t tell young people what to do or where to focus their passions. We - simply and profoundly - say yes to supporting their social action journeys every step of the way.





Khanh Nguyen
Director of Finance & Operations

I make sure we have the systems and process to pay staff, give out mini grants and make sure we're doing it legally, ethically and correctly. Along with other colleagues, I work to make Peace First is an inclusive, equitable and fun place to work.

I believe that young people are the future and that future is now.




Fish Stark
Global Director of Programs

I lead our Program Department, making sure that our Fellows in Residence, Digital Platform and Design & Evaluation teams have the resources and support they need to help young people from around the world make real change.

When I was a young person, Peace First made me feel powerful. Now I have the privilege of doing the same for other young people - and I truly believe they are our best bet to finally build a just and peaceful world.



Operations and Development


Amy Burns
Finance and Operations Coordinator

I support Peace First with grant processing, accounts payable, expenses and budgeting to help implement efficiency and accuracy in the finance team.

I like supporting young people who are doing great things in the world through financial administration. I think it's important to allow locals in their communities to be the experts in what issues they think are relevant, and let us know the best way to implement change.


Jenny Love
Sr. Manager, Strategic Operations

I work on Peace First's internal operations, optimizing systems and processes and making sure they align with our goals and values.

Youth- and community-led initiatives have the power to transform lives around the world. I want to help these projects, and the communities that cultivate them, to thrive.




Skye Maresca
Youth Investment Fund Manager

I provide the functional support and systems-building to advance Peace First's fundraising strategy and build grassroots people power to support global youth leadership.

I remember every adult that believed in me as a young person, and I wouldn't be where I am today without those people. I believe in young people and the amazing power they have to reimagine and enhance our world when they're given the support and resources to lead, and I want to help provide those resources to as many young people as possible.






Jasmine Babers
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Visual storytelling, social media, digital marketing and communications.

Young people will save us all. I’m here to amplify stories, build community and create memorable moments!







Pernelle Naidoo
Product Manager

I collaborate across teams at Peace First to develop a digital platform that gives our users the best experience.

It's a rare opportunity to work at a place where you share common values and a common purpose and that's what Peace First is for me.





Mohammad Sammour
Senior Program Manager

I Help Peace First Fellow in Residence in implementing, scaling and improving our program delivery work with young people and further support them around the world.

I always believed in the power of young people in creating change, if they were provided with the right resources, and this is what we do in Peace First.




Kelsey Thompson-Briggs
Director of Program Design and Quality

I lead Peace First’s data, evaluation and learning work and use emerging insights to develop and adapt our core programs in partnership with our Fellows in Residence.

I believe that in order to create a more just and peaceful world, we have to start by fostering communities that create belonging and enable collective action. At Peace First, I am able to contribute to a global community where young people receive not just tangible tools and resources to create change, but also a feeling of connection and being part of something bigger.




Mumbe Mwangangi
Program Operations Coordinator

I work in coordination with the program team through administration of grant management and reporting systems to deliver effective support to young social change leaders.

When young people are prepared and supported, they can deliver great ideas, new systems of thinking and offer solutions to the world's pressing problems. That is the world I would like to live in.



Read about our Fellows in Residence, the young leaders on our team who implement Peace First's programs around the world.