Peace First Staff




Eric Dawson
CEO & Co-Founder

As CEO, my job is to amplify the amazing work of young people and chart a course for Peace First.

I was an angry kid and wasn't always taken seriously. I want to make sure every single young person on the planet who wants to change the world, can.







Beeta Ansari
Chief of Staff

As Chief of Staff I work closely with the CEO and the Leadership Team to build systems and processes that accelerate Peace First's impact. I believe in supporting young people with the tools and resources to drive change - and then getting out of their way!











Mohammad Sammour
Global Director of Programs

I help Peace First Fellows in Residence in implementing, scaling and improving our program delivery work with young people around the world.

I have always believed in the power of young people in creating change, if they were provided with the right resources, and this is what we do in Peace First.






Khanh Nguyen
Senior Director of Finance & Operations

I make sure we have the systems and process to pay staff, give out mini grants and make sure we're doing it legally, ethically and correctly. Along with other colleagues, I work to make Peace First is an inclusive, equitable and fun place to work.

I believe that young people are the future and that future is now.






Operations and Development



Amy Burns
Finance Manager

I support Peace First with grant processing, accounts payable, expenses and budgeting to help implement efficiency and accuracy in the finance team.

I like supporting young people who are doing great things in the world through financial administration. I think it's important to allow locals in their communities to be the experts in what issues they think are relevant, and let us know the best way to implement change.



Jenny Love
Director of Organizational Change & Learning

I work on Peace First's internal operations, optimizing systems and processes and making sure they align with our goals and values.

Youth- and community-led initiatives have the power to transform lives around the world. I want to help these projects, and the communities that cultivate them, to thrive.








Claire Looney
Development Operations Assistant

I provide essential administrative support to advance Peace First’s fundraising strategy and ensure young people can continue their important work around the world.









Reshini Premratane
Development Officer

I work to support Peace First's development, just as it did me when I was a young changemaker ten years ago applying to the Peace First Fellowship. I support the vision and work to ensure we have the funding necessary to continue doing what we do best, which is empowering young people to do what they do best: changing the world.



Digital Strategy & Global Communications 



Seun Olagunju
Product Manager

I work with different teams to build the technology systems that enable young people around the world easily create innovative solutions to social problems in their communities.








Gaelle Bio


Gaelle Matar
Digital Marketing Manager

I lead content development and share stories of inspiration and impact across Peace First’s digital platforms, to ensure that young people’s changemaking work gets the exposure it deserves.









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