It's Time for Student Voices

What is the injustice we are solving?
Student Voice aims to illustrate the state of schools today, as well as identify student-centric and student-created solutions to address the systemic inequity in the American education system. This inequity manifests itself as a disparity in access to opportunities and resources across schools nationwide, specifically as it relates to socioeconomically disadvantaged students and school districts.

At Student Voice, we believe all students have the right to hold educational institutions accountable to them as partners in shaping their foundational experiences. Students must have a more powerful voice in order to combat the systemic inequity.
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RaulPF C.

March 07, 2018

Hi Merrit,
Thanks again for joining the community and for sharing your project.
It's inspiring to see young people working to find solutions to address systemic inequity in the American education system.

Are there any particular areas where you need help the most? We would love to help.

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