#March Against Revenge Porn: Legal Defense Fund

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#March Against Revenge Porn: Cyber Civil Rights Movement
Initial Problem Statement
Revenge porn is a form of digital domestic abuse, exerted through methods of technological control and cyber sexual exploitation. As the internet has quickly become more accessible, this practice has frequently been used as a form of harassment, manipulation, and intimate partner violence.

After enduring years of shame at the hands of online predators, I realized that my trauma was either going to kill me or drive me to action. I decided that no amount of humiliation could silence my voice or extinguish my spirit.

In 2016, I founded the #March Against Revenge Porn (www.marchagainstrevengeporn.org), a cyber civil rights organization dedicated to helping victims of revenge porn by fostering communities, lobbying for federal legislation, changing the narrative around cyber-sexual assault, and building a base of economic, social, and political resources. The movement began with a successful march across the Brooklyn Bridge. By holding civil rights marches in major cities nationwide, I work to create an unavoidable image that must be addressed through public policy and social change. In founding the #March Against Revenge Porn, my goal has been to show victims worldwide that it is possible to live through this experience and heal through activism.
At 21 years old, I've dedicated my life to a career in victim advocacy, public service, social equity, and tenacious justice. With this intention, I ask Peace First to assist me in establishing The #March Against Revenge Porn: Legal Defense Fund. This fund will aid victims with socioeconomic barriers to seeking legal justice after revenge porn victimization. Through my extensive cyber civil rights activism, I have learned that economic hardship serves as a major obstacle for marginalized victims seeking integrity through the legal process. A substantial legal defense fund allows vulnerable victims to meet with prestigious attorneys who fight on their behalf to hold perpetrators accountable. In addition to establishing this fund, I will continue to host #March Against Revenge Porn civil rights marches in cities nationwide, until revenge porn is federally abolished.
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