Following In His Footsteps: An MLK Day Peace March

For the 13th (!!!!) year in a row, the 186st School in LA hosted a Peace March in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Every year, this school, led by the INCREDIBLE Principal Marcia Reed, demonstrate courage, compassion, and collaboration with their march and inspire us to consider how we're going to stand up for injustices in honor of one of our great civil rights leaders.

Thankfully, there are SO MANY WAYS we can engage with our community to start making a difference. In fact, there are SO MANY WAYS young people across the country are already doing this:

Fatima, 20 years-old and from New Haven, CT, is part of Students of Salaam, which "works to connect, engage, and empower the New Haven immigrant and refugee community." They're bringing equity to education, no matter your background or identity. Read about Fatima's work here.

Leah, 19 years-old and from Oregon, OR, is starting "The Party Project" to ensure, no matter your income level, you can celebrate your birthday. She's working with her Girl Scout troop on the project and hopes to spread empathy and compassion through a good time! Read more here.

The Peace-Builders Team from Columbus, OH are organizing their own marches and moments of community to bring together people of different faiths and backgrounds. They encourage dialogue and storytelling to create empathy and understanding between groups and reduce intolerance. Read more here.

Each of these projects address different injustices in different communities, but all honor the idea of service that Martin Luther King Jr tried to instill in us all. How will you honor MLK?

Start your peacemaking project here.