Peace First Digital Mentoring Program

The Peace First Challenge Digital Mentoring Program supports young people who accept the Peace First Challenge to design and implement peacemaking projects to solve an injustice they care about.  Over a period of at least one year, mentors support, encourage, and celebrate young people throughout their peacemaking journey.   By becoming part of the Peace First Challenge Community, mentors join with youth and other adults to change the narrative of violence prevalent in our world.  


The outcomes of the Peace First Digital Mentoring Program are centered around both the effectiveness of the mentoring relationship to accelerate a young person’s peacemaking work, as well as the deepening of a mentor’s belief in their own ability to effect change.  Peace First Digital Mentoring Program activities work towards the following outcomes:


  • Young people receive timely and effective support and guidance, especially in support of their peacemaking projects.

  • Young people and their adult mentors form successful relationships.

  • Young people appreciate and value having the support of a mentor.

  • Adult mentors deepen their belief in the power of young people to effect change.

  • Adult mentors believe they can play a catalytic role in changing a narrative of violence and in supporting a youth created and led peacemaking movement.

  • Adult mentors deepen their ability to support, encourage, and celebrate youth peacemakers.


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