Peace First Fellows in Residence

Tatiana - Fellow-in-Residence

Tatianna Ennin (She/Her)
Fellow in Residence & Regional Manager, UK & Europe

Tatianna is a community organizer and writer who at the tender age of 16, co-founded and co-chaired Stand Up, Stand Out, a migrant, youth led campaign that sought to break the UK’s barriers to citizenship, and hold the British press to account for its harmful portrayal of migrant communities. Through SUSO, Tatianna has supported over 100 young leaders from migrant backgrounds in the art of storytelling and leading change in their communities.

Charged by her own experiences with racism and classism, Tatianna is an advocate for all things people, justice and equity.





Paula Camino (She/Her)
Fellow in Residence & Regional Manager, Latin America 

Paula is an activist, lawyer and academic hopeful from Lima, Perú. She was first introduced to youth activism by volunteering and fundraising in high school. This drove her to study law, focusing on human rights, and to continue volunteering throughout university. In law school, Paula focused her studies and practice on International Human Rights Law, gender studies and disability studies. She is currently on the team at UNICXS and the Legal Clinic on Disability and Human Rights at her alma mater.

Her favorite part of activism is the people she has met along the way and the knowledge they have been kind enough to share with her. As a Peace First Fellow, she hopes to mentor young activists so they can channel their passions towards concrete solutions.




Fellows-in-Residence Aziz

Aziz Tworo (He/Him)
Fellow in Residence & Regional Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa

Aziz Tworo is an electrical engineer and researcher with a keen interest in clean and sustainable energy technologies. Over the past four years, he has worked to combat food insecurity, poverty and climate change in the rural areas of northern Uganda through the implementation of solar powered projects and initiatives aimed at building resilience and strengthening existing systems in the agriculture and health sectors.

Aziz is passionate about human rights, democracy and good governance.



Fellows-in-Residence Yousra

Yousra Mshmsh (She/Her)
Fellow in Residence & Regional Manager, MENA

Yousra is an artist and a youth activist who is dedicated to the development of underprivileged communities in her region through social entrepreneurship, technologies, and dialogue. Inspired by the hundreds of young people in her marginalized community, Yousra participated in several peace-making projects focusing on gender-based violence, social discrimination, bullying and lack of opportunities. Yousra also leads a project that empowers kids to resolve injustices in their local communities and practice changemaking.

In addition to her youth-focused work, Yousra has several years of professional experience in supporting start-ups, social enterprises and SMEs to accelerate their growth and leverage their success in the MENA region’s biggest incubators and innovation hubs. Yousra is also a member of the UN office of counter terrorism youth unit working with a global team of changemakers on designing international peace-focused youth programs and materials.



Fellows-in-Residence Gaelle

Gaelle Matar (She/Her)
Fellow in Residence & Regional Manager, MENA (She/Her)

Gaelle is a social activist and a nonprofit leader engaged in social change since the age of 16. A pharmacist with a strong belief in health equity, Gaelle has co-founded a medication aid initiative called ‘Paracetmour’ that is assisting people in Lebanon with medication shortage and insecurity.

She is currently leading an initiative called ‘Haddak Men B3id/ Assistance from a Distance’ co-founded along with eight of her childhood friends, which came to life amidst a global pandemic and economic crisis with a mission of decreasing poverty and hunger among struggling families in Lebanon. This initiative has assisted more than 550 families across more than 70 regions in Lebanon with food and livelihood assistance with the help of young volunteers.


Fellows-in-Residence Koshika

Koshika Krishna (She/Her)
Fellow in Residence & Regional Manager, Asia and Oceania

Koshika is a human rights lawyer and social activist from India. She is the Founder of SEHER, an NGO that focuses on addressing gender based inequalities through advocacy and strategic legal interventions. SEHER’s advocacy engagement has directly impacted the lives of over 12,000 women and young girls across rural Maharashtra. The legal interventions have led to policy level changes around access to water, pension rights, quality healthcare services and redressal of gender based violence across multiple states.

She is a 2017 Resolution Project Fellow NY, USA, a 2018 ‘FundYourOwnWorth’ Awardee by the ICICI Bank, India and a 2020 +1 Global Fund Awardee by the Roddenberry Foundation, Los Angeles, USA. She holds a dual ‘Bachelor in Law and Legal Sciences’ degree from the University of Mumbai and a LLM Master’s degree (Distinction) in ‘Human Rights, Conflict and Justice’ from the SOAS University, London. She was awarded the ‘SOAS Global Impact Award’ scholarship based on her work at SEHER to pursue the LLM.


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