Plan your Project

“I love advocacy. It is so easy to send out just one email. The person you think will be most helpful may not be, but you can’t exclude anyone. Someone will always help with something. I tell my classmates – email people, tell them what you are doing, don’t be ashamed. That’s how a movement happens. People tell their people."
– Katebah

Even the most amazing insights are meaningless without a plan to make them real in the world. So where do you get started? There is nothing magical about creating plans. You do this all the time, whether it is organizing homework assignments, planning activities with your friends, or simply deciding which movie to watch with your family. Planning involves making decisions about your goal, where to start and what to do next, who to involve, and what resources you need.

These are some of the tools we have developed and tested to help you navigate through this stage:

P1 - SMART Goals: How can you create a plan from your compassionate insights?

P2 - Head, Heart, Hands and Feet: How can you take action to solve your injustice?

P3 - Planning and Budgeting: What is your plan and how can you finance it?

P4 - Reducing Risk: How can you reduce risk throughout the duration of your project?

Once you have completed the Plan stage, you may be eligible for a mini-grant between $25 and $250 USD to support putting your peacemaking project into action.

Deep dive resources

These resources will help you dive deeper into this stage of your journey: