Digital Platform Advisory Committee

Peace First, a global nonprofit that supports young people to lead social change around the world, is convening a Digital Platform Advisory Committee to provide feedback, support, and strategic insight to our product team as we work to build and maintain a world-class digital platform.

Our digital platform, PeaceFirst.Org, is a global hub for over 18,000 users, most between the ages of 13-25, from 145+ countries. On our platform, young people can access a guided training and resources that will help them create a social change project to address an injustice in their community. They can receive feedback from mentors, apply for a $250 mini-grant, share their ideas and successes in a public project page, and view other young people’s project pages. 

As Peace First continues to rapidly grow and serve more and more young people worldwide, we are continually working to make our site more accessible for all users and to add and improve features that will help young people lead transformative social change in their community. We need expert advice and feedback to help us meet this goal. 

Who We Are Looking For

We’re recruiting for a small group of 5-7 advisors who are willing to donate 1-2 hours a month of their time to advise Peace First on our Digital Platform work. 

We’re not looking for the biggest names in the tech space, but for people with experience both as strategists and implementers, who are willing to get in the weeds and help us realize our vision for the platform. 

Here’s who we hope to have on our Advisory Committee

  • At least two experienced Drupal Developers

  • A UX/UI design expert with a focus in mobile responsive platforms

  • An expert in systems infrastructure and technical architecture/design

  • A digital organizing expert, someone from the world of campaigns or advocacy who understands how to use technology platforms to mobilize others to action

  • Someone who has experience managing internal technology teams and/or relationships with external technology firms

  • Someone from the ed tech world who is an expert in crafting digital tools for learning 

  • Someone with expertise in accessibility and internationalization of tech platforms

  • Representation from outside the US

  • At least one youth member (within our age range), ideally with experience in technology but at least with experience in PF programs to provide perspective; could be an FIR

  • Someone with a background in GDPR and/or data security

  • People who may be able to secure pro bono support

  • Peace First’s Director of Programs and Senior Product Manager will also serve as Advisory Committee members. 

Committee Activities

  • Attend quarterly committee meetings as well as occasional 1:1 or small group consultations with Peace First staff (committee members will also receive bi-weekly updates)

  • Support the development of platform strategy: helping to craft a vision for the future of the platform and prioritize short- and long-term improvements, including providing feedback on workplans and budgets. 

  • Act as a sounding board for new ideas and pressing challenges, leveraging their expertise to provide strong strategic counsel to the tech team.

  • Serve as an accountability partner to the team, review platform/website for quality and ensure that our site meets high standards given our available resources. 

  • Help to interview, vet, and hire potential employees, contractors, and outside firms to support the development of the Peace First platform.

  • Make formal and informal recommendations about tech strategy and decisions to relevant staff and Board of Directors.

  • This is not a fundraising committee; while donations from committee members will always be appreciated, they will not be expected to contribute/raise funds for Peace First as part of their committee membership and we will not make individual solicitations of them.

To Apply

If you’re interested in joining our Technology Advisory Committee, please use this Form
If you have questions, please contact Ange Methot, Senior Product Manager.