Agents for SDGs

A Peacemaking Project by mohamed G.

What is the injustice we are solving?

"Agents for SDGs" project aims at raising awareness about "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" among young people in Egypt. Through the project, we will promote active citizenship through a training program[1] to build the leadership capacities of young people and demonstrates the importance of SGDs to be able to start their own social projects / initiatives that address any of the SDGs on both local and global level. Objective: First, the main aim of the Agents for SDGs is to build the capacities of young people as “SDGs Agents and Advocates” to be able to actively participate in the developmental and community life and to be able to lead social change in their communities to achieve the 2030 agenda. Second, creating an online platform connects social young entrepreneurs and provides a place to debate on global and local issues related to SDGs, collaborate on projects and showcase their impact.