A Peacemaking Project by David K.

What is the injustice we are solving?

In our country Burundi there is a cycle of politics crisis , wars because many children are too hungry to go to school and prefer no to go to school and get involved in criminal groups and rebellion. My organization is helping street children and Burundian children refugees to go back to school in ensuring they get sufficient food and all necessaries needs and we will be unleashing next generations because we keep them out of crimes. we also empowering women in our community for incomes generating activities so that they can easily send their children at school


Fish S. Peace First Staff
23 October 2017 15:56
David, that sounds amazing. I think it's great that you saw hunger was keeping kids away from school and decided to help fix that problem in particular to prevent dropout rates. Please let us know how we can be helpful!
David K.
21 October 2017 15:29
in our country there is a cycle of political crisis because many children drop out their school because of hunger and decides to get involve with gangs and criminal groups that 's why came our idea so that we can unleash next generations
Fish S. Peace First Staff
16 October 2017 9:52
David, I'm really glad to hear that your work is having an impact! How did you decide to get started? I'm hoping that you might share your story on our "Stories" page (peacefirst.org/stories) and inspire others.
David K.
14 October 2017 17:32
YES I am 24 but will turn to 25 on 29 th november 2017. many children are leaving street and going back to school they actually know the importance of studying
Fish S. Peace First Staff
3 October 2017 10:04
Hi -- this sounds like an awesome project. It sounds like you've uncovered a powerful injustice and are looking to tackle it at the root. I think it's a powerful insight that children don't go to school because they can't get their basic needs met -- and trying to solve that problem by working to meet those needs. How are the efforts to get children to return to school going? Are you a young person (under 25) yourself?