Comunidades CaPAZes

A Peacemaking Project by Paula P.

What is the injustice we are solving?

Comunidades CaPAZes is a medium-term project that aims to educate for peace in disadvantage and violent communities in Bogota, Colombia. In this project we provide a 3 year program to teach tools to address the following topics : 1) Human Rights, 2) Conflict Management/Bullying and 3) Leadership and civic participation. Through practical and playful activities, and 3 transversal projects, participants start changing their behavior and become positive leaders in their communities. This projects aims to 7 to 17 years olds. This programs finally connects with a new project called LifeProject, were the Comunidades CaPAZes participants can engage in programs that involves technical skills, preparing them to labor life, such as music, coding, among others.


Amani A. Peace First Staff
6 February 2018 11:19
Gracias por unirte a la Primera Comunidad de Paz, Paula! What Comunidades CaPAZes is doing in Colombia is very useful work!
Peace First is supporting young people between the age of 13-24! However, you are most welcome to promote your project on the platform, send us questions, and using all the tools and resources.

A quick question, please: do Comunidades CaPAZes have young people who are leading their own peacemaking project?

Please let us know how can we help!