Cure 4 Cancer

A Peacemaking Project by Yigit Baran I.

What is the injustice we are solving?

We are helping children with cancer by fundraising for the Jimmy Fund and the Dana Farber Institute.

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of cancer prevention amongst teenagers and supporting children with cancer
we will address tobacco addiction (pairing up with the 84 movement)
by by pairing up with the "84 Movement" in MA , and fundraising for organizations like the Jimmy Fund and the Dana Farber Institue

Our Project Plan:


  • Raise Awareness for Cancer causes and prevention

We will increase my / our compassion by...

Partnering up with the 84 organization and holding some of the events that they display in our school.

How will you show courage?

By addressing the issue of tobacco addiction amongst teenagers and encouraging our peers to step up against this issue.

How will you collaborate with others?

By explaining our goals to them and let them know what we are doing to help prevent tobacco addiction and raise funds for children.

How will you know you are moving in the right direction? (What are specific ways you can measure your impact?)

Her illness was getting worse, and she knew it. The nurses notified me that she was not eating or even speaking a word. However, when she realized I was not a doctor who wanted to put another needle in her arm, Sevin, a 9-year-old leukemia patient, cooperated with me. I offered her something other than food, medicine, or toys; I offered her company. It didn’t take long to understand that she did not need anything tangible. She required someone who would bring her consolation, a friend. After several days, Sevin began asking nurses when her “new brother” was going to visit again. During the days when she couldn’t utter even a single phrase, I understood the futility of words - my presence alone was enough for Sevin. Sevin helped me realize that cancer cannot be cured only with chemotherapy but, more importantly, with courage and companionship.

Key Steps


Kelsey T.
27 February 2018 15:41

I’m part of the Peace First team and wanted to provide you with Feedback for your Compassionate Insight. We provide insight feedback to help teams further strengthen their ideas as they head into the plan phase -- and since the insight is an important part of the mini-grant application, we also welcome you to use it make any changes you might want to make before you finalize your application.

It is great that you want to address this very serious issue about tobacco addiction amongst teenagers -- I'm excited to see how your project evolves!

It would be great for you to work a little bit more on your compassionate insight to help people to understand your thinking.

For the first part of the sentence, we're hoping for you to articulate the injustice you are hoping to change. Right now you have listed "cancer prevention" and "supporting children" as the injustice -- but I think those are actually some of the positive benefits you are hoping to achieve by addressing tobacco addiction, right? What do you think is the injustice you are working on? There are probably a number of different injustices you could focus on in relation to tobacco addiction and cancer -- it might help to think about who is impacted by this and why -- are some groups targeted more than others by tobacco ads, for example? Our choose tools can help you think about constitutes an injustice and what injustice you can focus on with your project:

Once you identify the injustice itself and find the best way to articulate that, you'll want to list the specific root cause you are addressing in the second part of the insight sentence. Our Understand tools (especially the Problem & Solution tree and Compassionate insight tools ) can help you explore the root causes, pick one, and brainstorm solutions for the specific root cause you are working on. You might find that you want to make some changes to your plan after you think through these pieces in more depth... For example, if you end up focusing more on something related to tobacco addiction as the injustice itself, you might find a root cause of that addiction that you can work on directly. By taking the time to map out the root causes and possible solutions -- you might be able to develop a more powerful project!

Keep up the incredible work and let us know how we can help!!  

Fish S.
22 February 2018 15:47

Hey Yigit! Thanks for posting this project. Tobacco addiction is a serious problem (especially with the health issues it causes), and it often disproportionately affects particular people or groups, which makes it a serious injustice. It seems like you've been working with a lot of partners -- what have you learned so far about what the root causes of tobacco addiction might be?

Hope to hear more about your work soon. How can we help?