Cyber Empower

A Peacemaking Project by Isha R.

What is the injustice we are solving?

Less than 20% of jobs in technology are held by women and even less are held by technologists from historically underrepresented backgrounds. This issue is becoming increasingly crucial to address as the lack of diversity in technology can have severe repercussions on the future of technology. Whether it is bias in AI, or technology made for the female demographic that fails to meet their needs, acknowledging and taking action to increase female and minority representation is vital. The low representation of women and people from historically underrepresented backgrounds in computer science is rooted in the belief that computer science is for males only. This misconception begins at an early age, when potential computer scientists are in elementary or middle school. It is at this age when students learn about different career paths and leaders in the industry. If women and minority leaders in tech are kept out of the picture, girls and students from these backgrounds will not even consider pursuing computer science because they cannot envision themselves in the field. There are incredible women and minority leaders in computer science, we simply need to recognize and celebrate them as a community.

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of lack of representation of women in technology
we will address closing the gender gap
by increasing computer science education among middle school girls