DFW Youth Success

A Peacemaking Project by Isaac E., Hannah S. and .

What is the injustice we are solving?

Lack of guidance and mentoring in the high school and college search process for low-income youth.

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of a lack of academic, professional, and personal development and guidance in DFW Independent School District High Schools
we will address the disconnect between all three of these values, and the lack of a consistent support community
by forming a community that serves youth from 9th grade to 12 grade in aiding them with academics, community service, civic service, professional development, mentoring, college admissions process, high school proceses, and developing themselves into successful future leaders and scholars.

Our Project Plan:


  • Our project goals are to develop a community that works in the DFW area, mentoring and guiding DFW Low-Income high school youth who are stuck in a system that is overcrowded and inefficient in going beyond the college admissions process.
  • We want develop a curriculum for a full-year program that will allow students to learn about how to succeed and thrive in their respective high schools and then ultimately universities.
  • We would like to not only work in Fort Worth ISD, instead also be present in the Arlington ISD, Dallas ISD, and Irving ISD.
  • As we are a program that will be based of volunteering and people who are committed to service, we hope to work with many public institutions in each of those cities for both location help, promotion, and ultimately the delivery of affected youth.

We will increase my / our compassion by...

We will increase our compassion by hoping to reach these main low-income communities: Hispanic/Latino, Refugee Community, African-American community, Asian-American Community, and the Middle-Class community who is not privileged enough to cover college tuition, nor qualify for many fo the need-based-aid.

How will you show courage?

We will show courage by not being intimidated at the complexity and the scale of the challenge. We understand that trying to correct a system that has been in place for a long time may not always be easy, but if nothing is done it will result in a worse future.

How will you collaborate with others?

Our leadership team is comprised of a collaborative efforts between Youth Board Directors and Adult Community Leaders that work to discuss possible opportunities and issues. Not only do we have a foundation of volunteering to make our engine run, but we also encourage it in the program participants. Highlighting the fact that it is a requirement to meet a 60 hour requirement for all students, and then additional mentoring opportunities with the younger students.

How will you know you are moving in the right direction? (What are specific ways you can measure your impact?)

In our journey to change the DFW High School Youth problem, we have three simple ways in which we can measure if we are being successful, or if we need to adapt certain aspects of our program. 1. By starting a "trial run" this summer, we will be able to have a first-draft of what our program and curriculum looks like on a relatively low-stressful scenario. Instead of presenting to the ISD's this summer, we are planning on reaching out to our friends/family, but also individually 5 communities that we are all part of and sharing the opportunity that is our program. Once there we will be able to collect an appropriate amount of interested youth, who will be the first students to experience our program. By the end of summer we will have an accurate idea of what worked and what did not. Thus, when our first real launch will take place, we have some concrete evidence of the successes that we had, and why they were. 2. When local organizations and institutions begin to work with us is another way to measure if we are moving in the right direction. 3. We get our leadership team solidified, and completely on track for not only the summer session, but the upcoming projected year. 4. The most important signal that we will be moving in the correct direction will be if we see that we are actually bettering our community through enriching our high school youth and offering the guidance and mentorship that is lacking in the public school system.

Key Steps

  • 1. Finalize our leadership team by the beginning of May 2.Begin the process of registering this non-profit 3.At the same time, begin promoting our program to the communities that we are individually a part of to get high school youth into our summer session. 4. Vote on the curriculum that we have planned at a full meeting with the adult community leaders on our team and begin steps to make it happen in the third week of June.