Kinabukasan: The Future is Children

A Peacemaking Project by Zeean F.

What is the injustice we are solving?

The Kinabukasan Project: The Future is Children is a service project based in Miami, FL. The Future is Children aims to deliver basic commodities for impoverished children in the Philippines. The commodities include but not limited to: books, school supplies, sandals, and hygiene products. The service project’s vision is that children are essentially the future of the world. However, in some crevices of other countries, there are children that face poverty, commit a crime, and cannot pursue a proper education. This is the case for tons of children in the Philippines. The Congress of the Philippines passed a bill of lowering the age for imprisonment and criminal liability from fifteen to twelve years old. Children in the Philippines are exploited to export drugs, to beg on the street for coins, and for other petty crimes as well. In its essence, giving the children basic necessities and emphasizing education can help prevent such crimes. Donating books to children gives them the ability to expand their knowledge, encourage literacy, and creativity. These three components will follow a child as he or she grows older and encourages good habits. School supplies enable children to have the proper tools to write and to exercise his or her ideas. Sandals, though trivial as it may sound, is one of the accessories some children are lacking. They are either wearing a worn down or go shoeless in dirty streets. In the long term, the project aims to at least give a school or community the basic commodities that foster children. To uplift the future of the Philippines, away from corruption and poverty, is also investing in those children in dire need. At this age and time, youth leaders and pioneers are redefining ways to become an asset to the world. The world is watching a revolution of teenagers and children turn into leaders of their age. The Future is Children hopes to gather other like-minded youth and empower them with the message that the future is us.

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of children being exploited, criminalized, and discriminated - causing them to not focuse on their education.
we will address The lack of education materials and better initiatives for children
by Giving less fortunate schools the right school materials, books, and funding to push for activities with children in order for them to pursue education and escape the streets and stand up for themselves. Also, pushing teachers to care about their students and make sure these kids are not missing out on school or being bullied.