The gender gap between men and women in STEM related fields.

A Peacemaking Project by Sowmya P.

What is the injustice we are solving?

Specifically in the computer science field, there is a lack of female representation in part because young women are not traditionally encouraged to take part in STEM related activities and are set back by extreme stereotypes in male dominated fields

Our Updates:

Virtual Web Development Camp

Sowmya P.
31 December 1969 19:00
We will be educating girls from all across the globe with a self paced 5 week course in web development this July. Students will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and how to use frameworks like Bootstrap and MaterialCSS virtually and tailored to their personal schedule. Students will be paired with a mentor who, beyond answering course related questions, will teach students about the various applications of computer science to fields like business, medicine and social entrepreneurship.

Hackathon & Tech Trips

Sowmya P.
31 December 1969 19:00
The team of ImpactCS wants to create a program that gives students in the greater NYC area a chance to learn more about tech culture and industry. We are currently working to arrange field trips in late June 2017 and a 12 hour hackathon in early September 2017. We hope these opportunities will provide our students with a better perspective on tech culture, and will aid them in finding their own spot in the tech industry.


alexandra S.
7 March 2019 14:07
Hi Sowmya
How did your field trips and hackathons work out? I am working on projects on NYC STEM as well.