Go Vote Local

A Peacemaking Project by Leah G.

What is the injustice we are solving?

GO VOTE LOCAL is an early stage non-partisan test program looking to forward the democratic process, get out the vote, and inform people about off-season elections relevant to their communities. By visiting a GO VOTE LOCAL page you are finding curated links in one place for the details of the who and what on your ballot in your city. By encouraging you to go vote, we're asking you to take an active involvement in your community, your democracy, and in the things that directly impact you every day. #GoVoteLocal #AllPoliticsIsLocal


Fish S. Peace First Staff
15 December 2017 23:52

Hi Leah! This is such important work! Are young people (under 25) involved in leading this project? I ask because we can provide support (mentoring, funding, etc) to youth-led projects.  

RaulPF C.
15 December 2017 16:23

Thanks for sharing your project!