Helping the few that can't get help in NYC

A Peacemaking Project by Omar V.

What is the injustice we are solving?

It is just not right to be walking down the street during a cold winter season or a super hot summer day and just pass by someone on the street that could be freezing, hungry, or even thirsty. I'm creating this project to help those in NYC on the street that get ignored that don't even exist to others. My mom was in that position because of my fathers death. She lived on the D train and no one would notice her no one would offer a hot drink or even a napkin. So I will be the one that notices you in a time of need. I want to bring awareness to those that don't know how bad it really is for the homeless and homeless LGBT youth and adults there are out there. I will provide Shirts, feminine products, mouth wash bottles of water and food. especially during the holidays too. I will also lend an ear because everyone has something to say so lets be heard!

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of Helping the few that can't get help in NYC
we will address Soaring prices and lack of help
by Lobbying and giving the homeless a voice by being there for them

Our Project Plan:


  • Feed and Clothe the homeless
  • Speak to them about how they became homeless
  • Make a plan so they can start living again
  • Record video to show our elected officials the cause of this problem
  • Work until we reach a solution to the homeless problem because no one deserves to be alone cold hungry and scared

We will increase my / our compassion by...

We will increase Compassion by showing everyone that these are people too. These are people that need help getting back on their feet and that one day it could happen to us

How will you show courage?

I will so courage just by helping. No one notices these people unless its negative. I want them to know that I care and I don't see them as gross. I see them as humans that had a hard struggle that they need help to fix

How will you collaborate with others?

By making groups, educating others on what the issue is. Taking these groups to speak with these people to find out what went wrong and how could we fix it

How will you know you are moving in the right direction? (What are specific ways you can measure your impact?)

I will know when at least one person makes a difference from being homeless to finding shelter to then getting on the right track. I will know when our voices are heard and no person is left on the street cold hungry and alone

Key Steps

  • Meet with homeless
  • Record their stories
  • Feed them and let them know im there for them
  • create a plan of getting off the streets
  • show my work to elected officials so they can realize the issue

Our Updates:


Omar V. 22 December 2017 13:38 I was able to give 24 People shirts socks gloves and hand and feet warmers. The looks on their faces were amazing I started tearing up.

Lets help keep those warm for the winter

Omar V. 22 December 2017 13:51 I will be planning a coat drive for those that have out grown their coats. I want to make sure everyone is wamr


Adrian B. Peace First Staff
8 June 2018 13:42

Hi Omar!

We're checking in because you haven't submitted your reflection yet. Reflections were due on May 31 as a part of your mini-grant award. Please submit your reflection as soon as you can. We're looking forward to hearing about how your project went!  

Kelsey T.
4 January 2018 12:41

Hi Omar and thanks for posting this wonderful project! We have approved your project to receive a mini-grant! Congratulations. We will be in touch soon with details about this payment.

The mini-grant process is also a space for you to get additional feedback on your peacemaking project. We hope you will use this feedback to further strengthen your project. Please see the feedback on your mini-grant application below:

This is a great project! I love that you are addressing both the immediate needs of individuals experiencing homelessness and also addressing the root causes by talking to them and recording their stories for advocacy with local government and to help change narratives. Your project description does a great job in particular of demonstrating compassion both in your description of the injustice and in the way that you are incorporating conversation and "lending an ear" into your work.

Ways to improve:
d encourage you to think a bit more about who you can collaborate with in order to have a larger impact. Are there local businesses you could reach out to who might help donate additional supplies? Also, the way that you engage with local officials will be key to long term impact so I recommend being really intentional about that process and think about the best ways to involve decision makers in your project. I'd also encourage you to think a bit more deeply about how to measure your impact -- you've listed some great indicators, but you can also think about measuring how many individuals you are able to get supplies to, how you will know how those supplies impact them personally, and how many people you are able to influence through your advocacy and videos as indicators that you are starting to make a difference, for example. How will you know people's attitudes are being to shift, even before large scale change takes place?

Congratulations and best of luck with your project! Please let us know how we can help.  

Omar V.
31 December 2017 19:14

In my area Jose Serrano and the borough president in each borough are responsible in making change in their communities. As for videos I’m recording people and I’m making it look like a documentary. I will be posting it here and on each representatives FB page.  

Fish S. Peace First Staff
31 December 2017 16:28

Omar, thanks for posting this project. Homelessness is such an important injustice, especially in NYC. One of the things I think is really great about your project is that you want to make sure you share these stories with people in power in order to create change. We would love to help you think about how to do this! Who are the people in your community who have the power to make change on this issue?

I also think it's really powerful that you're recording and sharing the stories of homeless folks. How are you collecting the stories of the homeless people you're working with? Do you take photo/video? Where do you post them?  

RaulPF C. Peace First Staff
26 December 2017 15:26

Great! Let us know if we can help in any way!  

Omar V.
26 December 2017 14:52

I’m in the process of setting it up. I’m reading on how to make it effective and how to catch the attention of everyone. Because I do want to make a change in this area and I want it to be the best way possible  

RaulPF C. Peace First Staff
26 December 2017 13:01

Great. We can definitely support with that. Do you have a website or Facebook page that people can go to if they want to learn more about your initiative?  

Omar V.
26 December 2017 11:31

I need the most support getting this out there. If no one sees this then how can we make a change? I need help in feeding, clothing, and advocating for them. I want to be their voice and it’s hard by myself.  

RaulPF C. Peace First Staff
26 December 2017 10:18

Thanks for starting your project, page, Omar! What are the areas where you need the most support? How can we help?