Hood2Good Movement Mentor Project

A Peacemaking Project by Jaime A.

What is the injustice we are solving?

The problem is our youth ages 13 and up are being recruited to be in gangs.

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of Crime and Violence
we will address Gangs,Drugs,Guns,Poverty
by providing mentors safe hang outs and creating youth-led projects while holding community leaders accountable.


Fish S.
22 February 2018 17:21

Hi Jaime, thanks for posting this project. Sounds like you're really concerned about gang violence in your community -- and making sure young people have other opportunities. This is super important, and we have your back for whenever you're ready to take action.

As you're putting together your project, it might be good to start talking with young people around the age group you're working with to understand what might help them stay out of gangs -- as well as teachers or other folks in your community who have a good sense of what young people need. This will help you think about what to build next.

The next step is to share your Compassionate Insight -- your thoughts on the injustice and your big idea for making change -- with us by Feb 28th. You can do that on your project dashboard. From what you've shared with us, sounds like you're almost there.

We love what you're doing -- let us know how we can help!

Kelsey T.
27 February 2018 16:04

Hi Jaime! I’m part of the Peace First team and wanted to provide you with Feedback for your Compassionate Insight. We provide insight feedback to help teams further strengthen their ideas as they head into the plan phase. We also use insights as part of the application for a mini-grant if you end up applying for one, so feel free to use this feedback to make changes!

Thanks for sharing your insight and working on this very important issue. I love that you have a deep understanding of how many interconnected issues are connected to gangs in some way-- crime and violence, drugs, guns, poverty -- many of these issues are feeding one another and contributing to the ongoing cycle of violence and I think you are right to draw those connections as you explore the injustice. I would, however, suggest that you think about how you can get a bit more specific with your compassionate insight so that you can create the strongest project possible and help create a more sustainable solution.

I think your idea to create safe hang out spaces, provide mentors, and create youth-led projects are all very strong and your insight is definitely on the right track. But I'd love for you to think about what specific root cause you want to address to see how those ideas fit in and help people understand your thinking. To me, it sounds like the injustice you are working on is young people being recruited into gangs at a young age. Does that feel right, or like a good way to narrow it down to one more specific injustice?

Although all the issues you've listed are related, I'd love for you to dig deeper into the question of what the root causes for gang recruitment at a young age are, and identify a specific one that you can work on through your project. I think using (or revisiting) our Problem & Solution Tree tool could be very helpful for you as you map out what the injustice is, what some of the symptoms of that injustice are, and then most importantly, what is happening under the surface that is causing the injustice. Why is it that young people are so easily recruited into gangs? What root cause are you hoping to change by creating opportunities for young people to have safe spaces, mentors, and start new projects. https://www.peacefirst.org/resource/understand-2-problem-and-solution-trees

Like I said, you're definitely on the right track, but I hope some of this feedback can help you articulate your idea even more clearly and strengthen your project and impact! Can't wait to see how this evolves. Keep up the incredible work.

Amani A.
27 March 2018 12:59

Hi Jaime!

We're excited to hear more about your ideas to address this important injustice! I wanted to let you know about an opportunity -- if you are interested in getting some funding for materials that you need to carry out your project, you can apply for a mini-grant of up to $250.

The deadline to submit your Project Plan and Mini-Grant Application is March 31st if you want to remain eligible to apply to attend a Peace First Accelerator.

As you craft your plan, be sure to consider the feedback we gave you on your compassionate insight, and check out our project planning tools for help turning your insight into a concrete action plan: https://www.peacefirst.org/plan-your-project

Then, through your dashboard, you can make any changes you want to make to your "compassionate insight," record your plan in "Make a plan" and then "Apply for a mini-grant" for the materials you need.

Let us know if you have questions. We're looking forward to supporting your project!

Adrian B.
5 April 2018 13:23

Hi Jaime,

We wanted to let you know that we are extending the deadline for active projects to apply for a Mini-Grant during this Peace First Challenge to April 15th. You can apply for a mini-grant anytime, but meeting the Challenge deadlines will make you eligible for additional opportunities.

If you do not require a mini-grant to complete your project, you can remain eligible for the Accelerator by completing your project and Reflection before the May 31st deadline! If you submit your project plan by April 15th, we'll be sure to provide you with feedback by April 21st to support you with carrying out the plan.

If you are still in early stages of planning, you are also welcome to apply for a mini-grant at a later date -- although you may not be eligible for an Accelerator, the opportunity for funding and support is always there.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and if we can support your project in any way! :)