Immigrants and refugees who are stereotyped as incapable criminals

A Peacemaking Project by Lindsey J.

What is the injustice we are solving?

I have lots of close connections with immigrants and I really do not want to see them be discriminated against based on their ethnicity or citizenship.


Grace S.
10 February 2018 15:47

I love this idea! I was shown the video you linked in school last year and we did a Socratic seminar on her story and it was very powerful and informative. I love your idea of having immigrants come together to share their stories, I think to make your project successful you should make sure that there are powerful people such as lawyers or board members at your event so you can persuade them to be more aware of the struggles immigrants face so they can enact change! Also make sure to film it so you can post a youtube video so you can spread the word that way, and maybe the lawmakers will share your video to other people who were not able to attent your event.