Improving Girls’ livelihood and Empowering them through Education

A Peacemaking Project by Nicodemus Siayi A. and kelly s.

What is the injustice we are solving?

Well I am thinking of changing such attitude of many national development frameworks which have failed to recognize the value of girls having educated and had never been into peaceful livelihood ever. This change may improve their livelihood and stand on their own against discrimination this girl’s face in their lives. The individual change would make the Families, Policy Makers appreciate them as valuable resources for their country’s development in which in many communities its an advantage that; many girls are taken out of school, married at an early age, or have their first sexual encounter, often coerced or tricked as well as being mislead to the later or future life and have no peace in their lives. The main objectives/goals 1. Improved effectiveness and recognition Girls Education and value. 2. Greater visibility and effectiveness of Policy maker’s efforts on Girls Education 3. Increased capacity and effectiveness of Civil Society in Girls Education as well as accountability and service delivery, and advocate for the best of Girls Education. 4. Increased Community access to more diverse sources and types of information for Girls Education. The Audiences The Project would be to reach about and or more than 20000 Girls in 5 Secondary Schools; through the following:- (1) Girls’ participation through their Peers; leaders identified. (2) Establishing if not available; Girls only Clubs and leadership training; with education services, and life skills (3) Empowering Girls to think on their own toward marriage because of their economic status and ability to make their own decisions. The detailed strategy This Study is required at this time and in this location; as being useful as it had been identified by the MDGs Goals of Reaching the (Marginalized and Disadvantaged Girls) as well as to achieve the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals at this level of priority given to marginalized groups in the UN Framework of plans, and also now going to the SDG’s* through to action2015 and the extent of opportunities in which specific strategies are foreseen for these groups, such as in the EFA Goals. The purpose of this contribution is therefore to identify policy trends and concerns as reflected in education plans, not to assess their implementation. There are chronic socio-economic problems, particularly food insecurity owing to annual cycles of drought and flooding; thus, young girls and women migrate regularly to other areas in search of better livelihood opportunities (However, I presume that; the Community should adopt to this:- “A WOMAN is a SISTER to a man, a DAUGHTER to a man, a FRIEND, a WIFE, and every man has a MOTHER.” ) SDG’s* Sustainable Development Goals The organization and its members are working toward supporting the audience of the Barabaig Pastoralist and Hunter Gatherers communities in Tanzania for more than two decades, these are the pastoralists and Hunter Gatherers who are at a crisis point in their history. They are experiencing pressures from outside forces which are causing them to become poorer and poorer. They are in competition with wildlife, large-scale farmers and business people for their land. People’s traditional way of life is being forced to change by these outside forces. Their Health Status is also at stake and that’s why we are trying to make sure of being aware of such diseases.TB and HIV/AIDS and Malaria at large. (Therefore Elimination of TB and AIDS and hence “Creating a Generation Free of TB and HIV/AIDS”) these are among the issues to be addressed; Raising Community awareness over the Health and Educational Rights through training on the Tanzania Health Policy and support and opportunities as found within the Country and outside the country.

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of A girl child education and peacefull livelihood is not valued
we will address Lack of education in the community which cause them to still believe on the poor traditions and cultural practises that opress the girls right to attend schools which then results to increase that feeling of inferiority among girls.
by Running workshop in the school and the community with the help and support from the teachers and the village leaders.

Our Project Plan:


  • Conducting workshop in the community with the purpose of educating them and make them aware of the injustice above
  • we will conduct workshop at Nowu secondary school to create girls only clubs where they can be able to share their ideas and have them educated and become aware of their selfworth

We will increase my / our compassion by...

We noticed that girls children education and peacefull livelihood is not valued,therefore we decided to reach out to the community and the schools with the help and support from teachers and the community members that are aware of it and with the support from PEACE FIRST members we can make this injustice perish because we believe in the worth and dignity of a girl child.

How will you show courage?

We take and sacrifice our time and humanity to stand for the girls that have always been oppressed though the community was just quite.

How will you collaborate with others?

We will collaborate with the teachers from Nowu secondary school and the village chairperson to make this injustice disappear in our community,and until now the organisation we can cooperate with are GEHANDU YOUTH and NIIMAR IRAQW both in our particular local area.

How will you know you are moving in the right direction? (What are specific ways you can measure your impact?)

In every workshop we run with the comunity members we will take a attendance list of the people who came and in the next workshop we will check the progress of attendance if we find it increased then we will know that the community is supporting our hustles and this is one of our success. Plus we will have some questionnaires in the closing of workshop day to access the progress of workshop itself.

Key Steps

  • we will write to the Nowu secondary school administration asking for a chance to go their school and ask for assistance from the school to have conversation with girls only to form their clubs to educate them on the matters concerning their livelihood.


How did the project deepen your team's understanding of the injustice?

Through the implementation of my project that awaken minds of many people in my community who didnt believe on solving the injustice "Improving girls livelihood and empowering them through education", but after the workshops we conducted people begin to trust us, thus deepen the understanding among my team members.

How did your community change as a result of your project?

Through the knowledge they get during implementation of the project and the effects they get to know caused by the injustice people automaticaly changed and as time goes we expect to have the positive changes

How many people were impacted by your project?


Explain how you came up with the number of people impacted by the project?

In each workshop we conducted that is at Ayamaami village and at Nowu sec school we used to take attendance and this helped us to get the number of people impacted by the project

How did your team learn more about the people affected by the injustice?

Apart from the workshop we conducted, my team and i made some follow up door to door to visit the people who show much interests in what we were doing, thus here when we have deep discusion with them we learn more about the project.

What did your team learn?

There are about two things that my team learned; 1.The community needed someone to open its eyes on social matters like the injustice we are fighting against. 2.Girls didnt know their rights, responsibilities, and priorities in social and economic development.

What challenges did your team overcome?

1. At first funding was a bigger challenge untill you guys showed up. 2. Sometimes we being rejected by the community during the implementation of our project but we tried all thr means we had to reach where we have reached

How have you involved others in designing, carrying out, or expanding this project?

I provided others the chances to contribute through the workshop in the questionaires we give them spaces to suggest anything they had

What advice would you give to someone starting a peacemaking project?

I would like to advice someone starting a peacemaking project to do the following; 1. Analyze critically the injustice he or she wants to solve. 2. He or she should have well stated goals and objectives of the injustice he or she wants to solve. 3. He or she should accept critics so that it will be simple to mentor to accomplish the solving the injustice.

Our Updates:

Improving Girls’ livelihood and Empowering them through Education

Nicodemus Siayi A. 8 December 2017 15:18 PROJECT%20UPDATE.doc

Improving Girls’ livelihood and Empowering them through Education

Nicodemus Siayi A. 29 December 2017 12:33 PROJECT%20UPDATE%20FOR%20WHO%20WE%20WORK%20FOR-_0.doc

Improving girls livelihood and empowering them through education

kelly s. 21 July 2018 2:15 *Updates on 16th june meeting with the villagers at ayamaami village*

On this day we started our project by discussing with members of the community the purpose of what we want to do and here are the things we were able to tell them,introduced what our project is and here are the project agendas.

1.wha is the situation of girls education.

2.what are the main causes of the injustice.

3.who is responsible for overseeing the girls education.

4.what are roles of community on girls education.

5.what should be done to solve the problem(s).

6.Were the mechanisms innevitable(assesment).

1.what is the situation of the girl child education?

Situation of the girl child is at stake in our community as we are seeing many of girls aged between 13 to 18 are not at school due to various reasons that will be discused in agenda number 2 below but this situation will make our community to have increased number of illeterate.
2.main causes of all the above include:-
>lack of awareness among the community members on the importance educating a girl child,when you educate girls means we educate the whole entire community because they are future mothers if we do not do so where will our community be.
>Traditions that hinders the girl chil to attend school,those are bad traditions and we should not believe on those as for they are not usefull anymore in our community.
3.Lack of education,as we see we dont want to bring them to school because we didnt go so to avoid this we should take them to school to avoid this situation in the future.
All the above are translated from mothertongue language to english to make it easily understandable.
Below are some pictures taken during the gathering.


kelly s. 16 August 2018 4:43 29th june at Nowu secondary school.
1.To create awareness among girls on their rights and responsibilities regarding gender issues.
2.To make the girls aware of the value of their livelihood in the community as the are future mothers and community care takers.
3.The importance of education and make them trainers to their community as we stated with the community in our previous workshop on 14th june to create attention of the villagers.

In this workshop the number of people who benefited from this was 20 girls.

we have become to realize that many girls did not know their values in the community and never get to understand what their livelihood realy means but through this many have learned and we are sure this is helping because in the next workshop we expect to have large number of benefisaries.


1.There is greater need of educating girls on their self awareness with respect to gender issues.
2. Through this workshops we might be able to serve a bit the girl child from being oppressed by the community and we will solve this injustice in a peacefull way.

*Educating the community on improving girls livelihood and Empowering them through education*

kelly s. 28 August 2018 6:51 14th june at Ayamaami village.
1.A workshop with the villagers.
This workshop is the second one continuing our previous one to keep our hustle in educating this community to save our girls.


-To create awareness among our parents means make them aware of how n why we have to let girls go to school and on top of that they should stand against early and forced marriage that hinder girls from attending school and make them loose their rights.
-The value of girls in the community, not only being mothers of future generation they can also be good community leaders and since God gave them enough strength they can be of much potential in our community so everybody is responsible to protect them through everything they come across.

3.Number of benefisaries was arround 25 though some were registered but some didnt want to be registered at all

This time we had positive feedback because there was improvement on attendance and some of them we are so interested in what we do and seems something that awaken their minds.

The main lesson is that its not that this people dont want to let girls have equal rights with boys but its the mentality that was created in their minds since years and years ago of which i believe through this peacemaking movements we can begin changing that mentakity

Below are some pictures.

The previous was a mistake its not 14th june its 14th july

kelly s. 28 August 2018 6:54 The previous was a mistake its not 14th june its 14th july

*Educating the girls on self awareness and knowing the value of education in relation to their llivelihood*

kelly s. 28 August 2018 7:12 27th july at Nowu secondary school.
1.This is our second visit to continue with what we started last month.


-to make the girls aware of the value of their livelihood in the community.
-to create awareness among the girls
-the importance of education to them to make sure they make their communities understands how potential education is to them.

3.Number of benefisaries increased to about 30 this time.

Good response in attendance and some had their parents real time motivation by them given some money to be able to pay for extra studies fee.
As the previous times we have noticed that what we do is working and we just need more powers and more funds to be able to reach as far as we are reaching for the time.
Below are some pictures after the learning session.

*Educating the villagers on the improvement of the girls livelihood and empowering them through education*

kelly s. 1 September 2018 13:21 On 18th.August.2018
At ayamaami village.
This workshop is our third workshop as being the last one within our schedule and this time we had improvement in attendance as number increased and many are starting being on our side.

-to access the effects of what we have been doing in the past two workshops and we noticed that there is high number of parents that is supporting what we do through questionare we prepared and answered in groups we appreciate alot.
-to know exact number of parents that are willing to help us even after the program is finished and if they can give us feedback of what we were doing in the period of next three months.

-Number of participants this time exceedec 50 people, this is big improvement to us.

-we had 10 households who valounteered to feedback us in the next three months.

We have learned that the roles played by NGO's are of much potential to to solve some social challenges.

On 18th august 2018

kelly s. 1 September 2018 13:25 On 18th august 2018


Amani A. Peace First Staff
10 May 2018 14:44

Dear kelly,

Congratulations! Your project has been selected to receive a Peace First Challenge mini-grant. We will be in touch soon with details about this payment.

The mini-grant process is also space for you to get feedback on your peacemaking project. We hope you will use this feedback to further strengthen your project. Please see the feedback on your mini-grant below.

I really appreciate that you continue to take the feedback provided into consideration! I am also very grateful for your flexibility and willingness to learn. Thank you! I also appreciate that you shared with me a specific action plan for your project starting from June until August, and you articulated indicators to measure the success of this project.

Things to Consider:
Please make sure to share updates about your project on the platform during the upcoming three months. Also, remember to collect lessons learned as it will help you to plan for the next phase of your project.

Congratulations and best of luck with your project!  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
2 April 2018 15:23

Thanks for reaching out, Nicodemus! I have reached out to Kelly on Friday requesting some documents. I would appreciate if I can receive them. Thank you!  

Nicodemus Siayi A.
2 April 2018 5:46

We are very much interested to accomplish this Project and would need your support as you had the Coordinating team from our side with Kelly.The deadline was being interrupted by the Easter celebration and we awere away from our Offices and work.Thank you  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
20 March 2018 16:12

Hi Kelly, thanks for joining Peace First community!

As part of the process of completing peacemaking projects, Peace First staff give formal feedback on important steps of your project. One of those steps is the compassionate insight.

I will ask you a few questions to guide you through your project implementation; what is exactly the issue that you want to solve in your community? Because all the issues you shared in your project come under discrimination against the girl. Is this the issue that you want to solve?

We usually guide the young people to be particular about the issue that they want to solve in their community. So, I would encourage you to spend more time to identify a specific injustice that you want to solve - you can use our Choose toolkit here:

Then, please make sure to re-write your compassionate insight and make it as clear as you can, so that other Peace First members would understand it better! You can use the compassionate tool here:

I noticed that you requested a mini-grant, but I would encourage you to work a little bit on re-writing your compassionate insight and submit your "Project Plan" through your dashboard. Thanks again for sharing your project with Peace First members, and we are looking forward to your next steps of the project!

Please let us know if you need any help with this!  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
20 March 2018 9:54

Thanks for joining our Peace First community, Kelly! Thanks for sharing last year achievement. So, what's the next steps? Please make sure to add your project plan.

Please let me know how can I help.  

RaulPF C.
19 March 2018 11:26

Thanks for the additional details!  

Fish S. Peace First Staff
19 March 2018 10:20

Kelly, that's great news. Look forward to hearing more about your work on this project and seeing how we can help!  

Nicodemus Siayi A.
17 March 2018 16:02

Well now you had the Coordinator for the Project on the way to work with you directly.I hope you will come with great move on this project which is now own by young peole ad I would be ready to mentor them effectively -Thank you  

kelly s.
15 March 2018 16:38

Hi Amani,in 2017 we had two schools Gehandu secondary school and Chief Sarwatt secondary school and Nowu in MBULU district but in 2018 we have succeeded to go to Arusha,karatu and Ganako
Thank you  

kelly s.
15 March 2018 16:23

Hi Amani,in 2017 we had two schools Gehandu secondary school and Chief Sarwatt secondary school in MBULU district but in 2018 we have succeeded to go to Arusha,karatu and Ganako
Thank you  

kelly s.
15 March 2018 16:15

Hi Raul-i have just joined the dashboard the roles of young people here is to stand us motivation and the key inspiration to those who are being suppressed by early marriege and those from the societies that are left behind if they see their young fellows in good situation they will be very interested in addition to this one young people we are good in leading or when come across our young fellows and as my self I like working upon this project since one among the societies where the value of a girl child is not considered is my society so i got the spirit of working upon it so that I change my society
Thank you  

kelly s.
15 March 2018 15:49

Hi Fish s-yes i have just joined the dashboard and here comes me the coordinator of the project improving girls livelihood and empowering them through education as the director of the organization Nicodemus just sayed we are so much interested with the objectives he just mentioned and we expect your great support in this thank you

Amani A. Peace First Staff
13 March 2018 12:30

Thank you, Nicodemus! Could you please ask kelly to join our platform because my understanding is that kelly is the one who is leading the implementation of the project.  

Nicodemus Siayi A.
10 March 2018 3:19

Could you please put your correspondence within our dashboard.Thank you  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
9 March 2018 15:54

Thanks, Nicodemus! I just replied to Kelly and you through email. Thanks!  

Nicodemus Siayi A.
8 March 2018 13:20

This seems that I don not write down the project and Mini-grant.I wrote the Mini Grant and sent it through.This to much for me.It is not yet known if the Mini Grant will be enough for the project.What else should we do do.?  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
7 March 2018 17:48

Hi Nicodemus, I just sent you an email regarding the mini-grant. Please write me back!

I look forward to hearing from you.  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
2 March 2018 15:32

Thanks again for sharing your project, Nicodemus!

This sounds a big project; I liked that you shared the goals/objectives of the project and you were able to identify the number of schools/girls that would benefit from this project. I also liked how you linked Girl education with the MDGs Goals.

As part of the process of completing peacemaking projects, Peace First staff give formal feedback on important steps of the project. One of those steps is the compassionate insight.

My understanding is that you are trying to solve the issue of girl's education or you are trying to get the support from the community on different levels to support girls having access to education, right? If this is the issue that you are trying to solve, then I would encourage you to work a little bit around the compassionate insight and make it as clear as you can so that other Peace First members would understand it better.

Also, I am still not sure about the solution that you came up with.

I would strongly encourage you to spend some time working on understanding the injustice that you are trying to solve and the root causes of this injustice. It would be useful talk to other people in your community and try to understand their perspective of girl's education or other people who are trying to solve the same justice or/and people who are already working to solve this injustice. This will enrich your project in lots of ways! Also, use the problem and solution tree to discover the root causes and consequences of your chosen injustice and it will guide you to more solutions. Here are some resources on how to do that:

I noticed that you requested a mini-grant, but I would encourage you to work a little bit on re-writing your compassionate insight and make sure to submit your Project Plan. Thanks again for sharing your project with Peace First members, and we are looking forward to your next steps of the project!

Please let us know if you need any help with this!

Amani A. Peace First Staff
28 December 2017 18:59

Nicodemus, these are very interesting and precise objectives! What are the locations of the 5 Secondary Schools; in one region or several regions in Tanzania?  

Fish S. Peace First Staff
11 December 2017 10:04

Hi Nicodemus - what a powerful problem you identified. I love the alignment with the UN SDGs and the recognition that peer-to-peer outreach would be most successful.

Are young people leading this project? If so, we can provide mentoring and grants to them. If not, we'd be happy to help you think about how you can involve young girls in leading this work.  

RaulPF C.
11 December 2017 8:44

Thanks for posting your project! Can you tell us the roles that young people are playing in this project?  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
13 July 2018 12:30

Hi kelly, any new updates on your project, please? I look forward to reading about June's activity.

Please let me know if you need any help.  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
2 August 2018 15:26

Kelly - thanks for sharing update from June activities. Any updates for July, please? Please let me know if you need any help.