Iran is a paradise

A Peacemaking Project by Bahare S.

What is the injustice we are solving?

I am an Iranian girl. Unfortunately, people in the world do not have a positive opinion about my country. Most of them think that there is a war in Iran. But I want to invite you to my country and tell your friends that Iran is a good country as your country.

Our Updates:

There is much to see

Bahare S.
14 January 2018 1:36
This is a video of one of Peacespritfoundation guest. The chines girl came to Iran and had a real adventure. 

Come to Iran

Bahare S.
19 March 2018 7:30


Bahare S.
10 January 2018 12:46
Hi Amani, thanks a lot. I respond to your email.
Amani A. Peace First Staff
10 January 2018 12:30
Welcome to Peace First community, Bahare! I am so excited to read more about your project activities as well as to learn about Iran from you. It's one of the most interesting countries that I am interested to visit. I sent you an email, please :)
RaulPF C.
26 December 2017 9:57
Hi Bahare. Thanks for letting us know more about your project! Basically, if you copy and paste this link: you will go to your dashboard that has the different steps that you will need to continue with your project. There is one link that you can use to request a mentor so that we can provide you individualized support. Let us know if you have any questions once you visit your dashboard.
Bahare S.
24 December 2017 13:53
Hi RaulPF
My next step is that inviting all the users of this website who travelled to Iran or have a good memory of it to record a video of themselves and send to me. They can speak about their journey and their memories in Iran. I spoke with my colleagues in Peacespritfoundation about this project and they appreciate this work. They can also help me, so I have my team. Could you help me about completing my project on the website because I am a bit confused?
RaulPF C.
18 December 2017 9:34
Hi Bahare!
Thanks for the additional details. It's great to hear that you have already taken the first step and posted this project. Do you have some ideas about what steps you want to take next or would you like some support to think about that?
We look forward to supporting your efforts!
Fish S. Peace First Staff
15 December 2017 23:07
Hi Bahare -- thanks for posting this project. You're right -- a lot of people do have negative stereotypes about Iran, and I think it's a great idea to try and eliminate this prejudice.

How could you get started? Who do you need to reach, and what might help them understand? Maybe you can use some of our tools to help you get started:
Bahare S.
14 December 2017 12:25
Hi RaulPF
Actually, I work at a peace foundation called PeaceSpritFoundation. We try to show a good face of Iran to foreign tourists. My idea is to post a project on this website and invite other peacemakers to come to my country. They can have fun and make good memories. Then they can tell good stories about Iran.
RaulPF C.
14 December 2017 8:42
Thanks for sharing your project and welcome to the community, Bahare! Do you have some ideas for any project to work with other young people in Iran that can help address the injustice you want to work on?