Kids without perspective are being recruited to work for drug traffic

A Peacemaking Project by Marcelo S.

What is the injustice we are solving?

This problem begins here in Brazil because most of the poor kids don't have access to a good public school. I believe that the participation in innovative educational projects can show them that their dreams of a better future can come true!!!

Our Updates:

Let's Talk About Dreams

Marcelo S. 31 December 1969 19:00 The project “Let’s talk about dreams” will motivate kids and students to use their imagination to elaborate a project of a space exploration of the solar system and to participate and report activities of sky observation. We will use as base our experience in astronomy and astronautics projects. We plan do begin the activities motivating students to report their dreams about he future, then we will make presentations about space exploration and new technologies. We will ask them to  use their imagination to project a trip through the solar system.

We asked kids and students with support of their parents and teachers to produce texts, images, drawings, videos and blogs with their dreams and the result of their imagination.

With these material we will organize groups with 4-6 kids and students to go ahead with their ideas and create a project of sky observation and space exploration to be finished during the year. The best projects will be presented by kids and students during a meeting we will organizeat the end of the year.

The main objective is to bring to kids an opportunity to know that they can have a new future if they study and participate in Science Projects.