A Peacemaking Project by Noura A.

What is the injustice we are solving?

As temperature degree increase of Earth from 0.6:0.9 within 1906:2006 because of greenhouse gases, in last fifty years increase of temperature was doubles, then it's a threat against sustainability, water resources, green landscapes, agriculture, coasts, tourism, disappearing of some cities in Egypt, food security, fishery resources, raising of sea level, and economy activity. •Lack of environmental and scientific training. Reporters without specialized training might ignore complicated environmental stories altogether or, if they attempt them, the results might be less than satisfactory for readers. •Limited access to governmental data on environmental conservation. •Citizens’ experiences of many environmental issues are mediated, in large part, by the interests of governmental agencies that influence the media's presentation of environmental issues putting at stake public perceptions. •In recent years, it seems as though media interest in the environment has taken a backseat to other issues impacting the international scenario. Wildlife journalists have to deal with the priority of other subjects such as terrorism, poverty, economy, politics, and international relations. •Environmental Journalists have to face the lack of training, resources or support from news editorials or sponsors. •As the scientists and researchers are concentrating only on researches that are not applied most of time, have no relation to civil society or what is going on on the ground.*That's why Egypt and Arab world have challenges for adaptation or mitigation of Climate Change for saving human life. So, Mona5na objectives are: 1- Forming diverse community “ Mona5na “ contacts from different interested volunteers who are related to climate change as the case already is defined by networking all types of people together and a first culturing step to introduce the climate change risks to whom concerned. 2- Initiation of environmental journalism as new channel in Arab World and method of press by; Blogging and publishing of articles, reviews reports, documentary videos. 3- Developing the scientific environmental background of people, volunteers and environmental journalists by making workshops by specialized persons. 4- Developing the environmental journalism skills of writers by making workshops about writing articles, reports, literature reviews and scientific papers. 5- Helping in building up new generation who realize the risks of climate change by making nice workshops using funny scientific experiments for children and students. 6- Starting campaigns for pressing on civil society to develop his acknowledgment about climate change, his environmental rights, and culturing them environmentally then they can be an effective method of press and documentary. 7- Increasing chances of facing the environmental situation and starting climate actions for climate change mitigation by climate talks and discussions with concerned governmental organizations. find a body includes all branches related to climate change, as academic field mainly cares about research results only not including the civil society and marketing the case for media, human rights and many other branches of society, also organizations cares mainly about society not including the science and here is the point , we thought about building up our own network of work association where collects all of that, pressing using articles or campaigns or workshops with having volunteers diverse diverse group . 8- Having database material about places where have pollution resources in Arab world so we will continue in discussing and solving about them through our articles, and reports through press then Mona5na will be information and research environmental center.

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of Climate Change
we will address Environmental poor culture in Arab World
by Climate Actions using, media, campaigns, climate talks, workshops and environmental assessment reports.

Our Project Plan:


  • 1- Raising environmental awareness and marketing it's idea to the Arab society.
  • 2 - Developing writing skills of bloggers, writers, interested people, volunteers and the team in general to raise the quality of the environmental content to be published.
  • 3 - Developing the scientific background of bloggers, writers, non-specialists and volunteers to raise the quality of scientific content to be published.
  • 4- Developing the idea of ​​community climate work.
  • 5. Networking for all groups of the community interested in environmental work and climate change.

We will increase my / our compassion by...

Making videos of the most published articles about cases like disappearance of some coasts or cities, campaign of photography, about polluted places in different regions in Arab World for example where having serious environmental and health problems especially the poor's, Campaign of Our Climate Stories about people who suffered from climate change like farmers, fishermen, and disappearance of some types of animals, converting these stories to storytelling shows to attract attention, and producing new reports contain the strong relation between food security and water resources that originally touch children, women rights and may cause spread of diseases and famines, also topics of climate refugees and migration which happened years ago.

How will you show courage?

Starting environmental assessment reports about factories where make serious pollution through making climate talks with governmental associations officials to give a chance for giving suggestions and implementations the solutions, and making big conference to combine all those categories , researchers, academic category, businessmen and environmental activists on a common fair floor.

How will you collaborate with others?

By making network that collects last mentioned categories together for working together, achievement of spreading of environmental awareness through Mona5na media, developments of scientific background and environmental journalism skills of writers, researchers, bloggers, engineers and concerned people, cooperation with other associations for helping poor's, labors, and women by projects of environmental awareness raising through certain activities.

How will you know you are moving in the right direction? (What are specific ways you can measure your impact?)

1- Making monthly meetings for volunteers, writers and bloggers to discuss matters related to the implementation of the plan or the editing or adding . 2 - Making monthly reports on the topics to be published or focus on them. 3 - Making weekly reports on increasing the number of fans of the page and the result of marketing through social Media to monitor feedback and participation in the page. 4. The presence of workshops or activities to observe the performance of the trainers and the response of the audience. 5 - Follow-up emails of the site to answer questions of individuals interested in participation or volunteering or blogging and publishing. 6. Follow-up replying to public or interested messages through the message box of the page . 7. Monitoring the reaction of research and civil associations about Mona5na campaigns. 8 - Monitoring the reaction of social media networking sites about campaigns and competitions in Mona5na. 9- Making questionnaires on volunteers' satisfaction with their participation in development through Mona5na. 10. Making questionnaires on the social media about the performance of our climate. 11 - Questionnaires through the emails in our database in Mona5na about satisfaction of various social networking groups and their views to develop the idea and performance of Mona5na. 12- Making of statistics on the results of the questionnaires to develop the idea or editing or adding something new. 13 - Using the assessment of our climate page on Facebook using the number of stars. 14. Evaluating the traffic and the number of visitors to the site. 15 - Use of evaluation plugins that give statistics on the participation of visitors of the site. 16. Evaluating the site's analytical tools through Google. 17. Using the Web Metric method to evaluate the site.

Key Steps

  • Marketing on Social Media by making videos of the most published articles on the site for attracting attention + identifing campaign (every day published information about climate change )
  • Photography campaign about polluted places In several areas, published them in album on the site.
  • A workshop with the help of international organizations represented at the Earth Summit about environmental journalism
  • A workshop by the specialists of scientific research and who published papers in the field of climate change and the environment
  • Climate Stories Campaign and converting them to storytelling shows
  • A review writing competition for environmental problems, a film or a book
  • Seminar about the relation of climate change with children and women's rights
  • Workshop about Environment in Law and Constitution
  • Two workshops for children with special needs and normal children about environmental using funny ways
  • Climate talks with politicians, businessmen, officials, writers, academic category, researchers and concerned people
  • Conferences for sponsors,businessmen , politicians, officials, writers, academic category, researchers and concerned people
  • Collecting at least 300: 200 e-mails from contacts between members of the community and its institutions for joint cooperation


Amani A. Peace First Staff
21 March 2018 12:12

Got it, Noura! I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!  

Noura A.
21 March 2018 10:50

Thank you Amani, I sent you an email.  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
21 March 2018 9:46

Hi Noura, you can reach out to me at: [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you.  

Noura A.
21 March 2018 7:21

Hello Amani! Yes, volunteers between these ages. I appreciate your help, if we could cooperate.How I can contact you?  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
8 March 2018 12:38

Ahlan Noura, thanks for sharing your project with Peace First members :)

I recognized that your project focuses on the environment in Egypt with more focused on the Climate Change issue, right? I have also noticed that you are planning to work with volunteers on this issue, what are their ages?
We are currently dedicating our support to young people between the age of 13-24, please let us know if you will be working with young people from that ages?

However, you are most welcome to share your project with us, use our resources, and keep updating your project. We would love to learn more about your project.

Please let us know how can we help. Shokran :)