The More You Know

A Peacemaking Project by Jessica B.

What is the injustice we are solving?

I want to help communities build a bridge with other races and cultures that don’t know they are being wronged and need to change how they are preserved as women. This project would deal with the helping women of all ages and from all backgrounds learn how they can become more self independent and stick up for what they believe in. An example of this would explaining the gender gap to older and younger women. To be more specific my example would deal with my Hispanic mother not know she’s paid less than a man. Due to her growing up in low financial home and working from a young age she was kept out of this information. She knows that if she faces injustices she can stand up for herself because it’s wrong and doesn’t have to be scared of an employer. Nonetheless I know there has to be more women out there who were kept out of empowering/motivating information in their life’s. Come join my project if you’d like help me out!