A Peacemaking Project by Felix W.

What is the injustice we are solving?

My project will solve the injustice of poverty. In my community that is Nebbi district in Uganda, there is a high level of poverty. As a result, many families fail to afford the basic needs of life. These includes food, shelter, clothing, sanitation, better healthcare as well as education that is so vital in employability. Unemployment in Uganda as a whole is at over 70%. This is even worse among the youth which stands at over 80%. A simple survey shows that in about 40,000 graduates the country produces yearly, only about 10,000 are able to get jobs. This means every year about 30,000 graduates go home and still continue being dependent. This trend has over the years pushed many households into poverty. However I realized that this can be reduced by empowering the people with skills training on Entrepreneurship and simple product making. I believe that by changing their mindset and equipping them with entrepreneurial skills that I am able to offer, they would be able to improve on their livelihoods through creating their own jobs hence being able to afford the minimum basic needs of life thereby making Nebbi a poverty free place in the near future. This is just one of the solutions to one major root cause that is Unemployment.

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of Poverty
we will address Unemployment
by Providing a two days training on Entrepreneurship skills so that they are able to create employment for themselves through starting and running successful businesses that employs not only themselves but other few unemployed around them.

Our Project Plan:


  • To empower the youth with skills of entrepreneurship and support them technically in starting starting up business projects
  • To reach out to at least 50 youth directly in Nebbi

We will increase my / our compassion by...

This shall be through fundraising and lobbying for more funds from politicians and other charity organisations to support the good cause.

How will you show courage?

I will show courage through leading by example. As a graduate of Business, I am having my small entreprises in my community and this shall be one of the examples to the youth to follow.

How will you collaborate with others?

I will hire proffessional trainers to add on to my already available knowledge of entrepreneurship. This includes an inspirational speaker, a successful local business person to share with the youth so that they can all relate the humble beginnings.

How will you know you are moving in the right direction? (What are specific ways you can measure your impact?)

I shall have feedback forms in all my sessions that shall always be filled by the youth themselves. I shall as we'll make follow up on the youth that have acquired the skills to see whether they are practicing the skills gained.

Key Steps

  • Planning with my team on key issues such as budgeting, training dates, recruitment procedures, assigning sessions to particulars, research on various costs among others.
  • Making the necessary bookings for instance meals service provider, procuring scholastics, hiring the hall, facilitators etc.
  • Announcing on the local radio station calling for interested people to register early enough for planning. Minimum is 50 participants but could go to 60-65 participants
  • Final meeting with my team to distribute duties and responsibilities.
  • Day 1:- SESSION ONE: Inspiration/Motivation Session. SESSION TWO: Success Skills/21st Century Skills. SESSION THREE: Community Resource Mapping. LUNCH. SESSION FOUR:- Opportunity Identification. SESSION FIVE: Community Drop/Market Research.
  • Day 2:- SESSION 1: Planning for the business. SESSION TWO: Budgeting for the business. SESSION THREE: Presentation from 2 local successful business men. LUNCH. SESSION FOUR: Fundraising for start up. SESSION FIVE: Question and Answer Session.


Amani A. Peace First Staff
16 April 2018 10:36

Hi Felix, I hope you are doing well. I just sent you email and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

Amani A. Peace First Staff
1 March 2018 17:06

Thanks for your comment, Felix! Speak to you on Monday. Have a great weekend.  

Felix W.
27 February 2018 13:58

Thanks. I will do more of that and update the project accordingly.  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
27 February 2018 10:09

Hi Felix, thanks for sending the required documents.

An important step in creating the project is understanding the root causes of the issue by answering key questions e.g. why is it important to address this issue? who does this injustice affect? and who causes this injustice?

Answering these questions can happen by talking to other people in your community! I have noticed that you have spoken to one person! It would be great to talk to other people in your community and try to understand their perspective or other people who are trying to solve the same justice or/and people who are already working to solve this injustice.
We would encourage everyone who is at this stage of their project to work towards deepening their understanding of the injustice they're focusing on. What are the main root causes of the injustice in your community? Please, try to use the problem and solution tree to discover the root causes and consequences of your chosen injustice and it will guide you to more solutions. Here are some resources on how to do that:

Thanks again for sharing your project with Peace First members. I will reach out to you through email as well :)  

Felix W.
25 February 2018 14:13

I strongly believe that my solution is not aimed at reducing school drop outs in any way but rather equipping the already dropped out youth with skills of self employment so as to reduce poverty  

Felix W.
25 February 2018 14:09

I stated that it's poverty that leads to school drop outs and in the end they become unemployed and start roaming on the streets doing all sorts of bad things. Therefore I thought of addressing unemployment.  

Adrian B.
23 February 2018 17:39

Yes, this is so exciting! Focusing on young people who aren't in school is so important. :) Glad to hear you're doing this work!  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
23 February 2018 9:33

Hi Felix, thanks for updating your project more! I understand that you are highlighting the poverty issue in your project, but it's a big issue to solve with many factors and actors to consider. However, I noticed that the issue that you are really trying to solve is Children Drop-Out of School as a reason for poverty and low economic status of their families. What do you think of this re-framing?
I noticed that you applied for mini-grant which is really great, as a first step, I would encourage you to read about the International Verification Process here: , then fill the following form, please:

Please let us know how can we help. Thanks!  

Felix W.
23 February 2018 5:15

Wow, I am so excited to get this started. I am already involved with youth in secondary schools delivering leadership and entrepreneurship skills and I am glad to be focusing on the school drop outs.  

Adrian B.
21 February 2018 10:06

Hi Felix!

Thanks so much for submitting your compassionate insight. I love it! It clearly identifies the injustice, what specifically you'll address, and how you'll address it. Great work.

This is part of the formal feedback we give on insights before you move forward to a mini-grant application. Your insight is approved! You can now apply for a mini-grant.

If you're interested in making your project even more effective, it can be helpful, while you're in the planning stage, to think more about the relationship between poverty and unemployment, and what are the root causes of each. We suggest interviewing people experiencing this injustice, people causing this injustice, and people working to solve it. Here are some resources for how to do this: This is just a way to make your project even more awesome--your insight is all set to go as it is!

Thanks for the important work you're doing! I'm excited to see where this project goes.


Amani A. Peace First Staff
17 February 2018 10:15

That would be great, Felix! It's important to take this feedback into consideration so other Peace First members would understand your project better :) I noticed that you requested the mini-grant, once you work on the feedback we will discuss the process of the mini-grant. We look forward to working with you in order to take your project to the next level. Thanks!

Always, feel free to let us know how can we help.  

Felix W.
17 February 2018 9:54

Thank you for the comment, I will work on that as soon as I can  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
7 February 2018 13:31

You are always most welcome, Felix! I have noticed that you submitted a request for mini-grant, and I have some Feedback/questions/need clarifications regarding your project:

1. Injustice - I recognized that the issue that you are trying to solve is Poverty! It's an important issue to tackle in any community, as it could lead to further problems such as what you have already shared: children drop-out of schools! I would encourage you to be specific about what are you trying to solve because Poverty is a big issue, but you could think of something smaller related to this issue. It's important to link between the injustice/issue and the root causes of it!
2. The Project Goals; these goals look good, but is it possible to make them SMART; (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound)?
3. Create a list of key steps you will take - These steps are very clear! I want to let you know that Peace First provides mini-grant of up to $250 to carry out your project. So, do you have alternative resources to cover the cost of the activities that you will implement?

For point 1 & 2, I would encourage you to check the peacemaking tools whiling re-writing the injustice and the project goals:

Please let us know how can we help you!  

Felix W.
3 February 2018 7:54

Thank you so much for the guidance  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
1 February 2018 10:07

Thanks for asking, Felix! We are giving exception to some of the international outstanding projects! Again, I would encourage you to be specific about the injustice that you are trying to solve and look at the root causes of this injustice. Please let us know how can we help.  

Felix W.
1 February 2018 8:44

Thanks for the observation. However I read somewhere that to be eligible for the minigrant one has to be from the US.

Please help me clarify on that. Thank you  

Amani A. Peace First Staff
31 January 2018 15:54

Welcome to Peace First, Felix! Thanks for sharing your project. It would be great to re-look at the injustice that you are trying to solve because you are mentioning poverty and the drop out of school for children! I would encourage you to be specific about the injustice that you are trying to solve and look at the root causes of this injustice. Please let us know how can we help.  

Felix W.
30 January 2018 7:25

Poverty eradication is in line with the millennium development goals