Project Exchange

A Peacemaking Project by Ashley L.

What is the injustice we are solving?

Something I’ve noticed, not just in my community, is a lack of cultural understanding in the U.S. In schools, especially in my area, little time is devoted to teaching students in-depth information about the cultures of the world. Students lack the understanding that is necessary to get along with people of all cultures, and as a result, I’ve seen both covert and overt displays of cultural imperialism which affect those who don’t fall under the cultural “norm.” People fear what they do not understand; that fear of the unknown leads to discrimination leads to injustice. If students were taught more about cultures other than their own, it would help to ameliorate the prevalence of cultural imperialism and discrimination on the basis of culture. Multicultural education and cross-cultural leadership development are critical for young people to expand their worldview, eradicate stereotypes and promote tolerance. However, not all students have access to opportunities such as studying abroad and taking language classes, whether it be due to financial, documentation, cultural, and/or familial concerns. Learning and sharing about culture should not be a privilege for select students. Celebrating culture, something that defines who we are, is a human right. Consequently, unequal access to multicultural education opportunities is an injustice I want to change within my community. Whether it be through direct service such as offering a Digital Exchange Program option for students, or advocating for increased multicultural education and representation in public schools, this injustice needs to be addressed.

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of discrimination based upon a person's culture
we will address a lack of cultural understanding in the U.S.
by providing students with opportunities to learn more about the cultures of the world around them.

Our Project Plan:


  • To bring together high school and college students from around the globe to talk about culture, promote mutual understanding, and prepare young people to tackle today’s critical global issues through cross-cultural collaboration.
  • To establish a Digital Exchange Program designed to encourage students to learn more about cultures they’re interested in directly from other students within those cultures.
  • To serve, educate, and activate: serve the community through service projects completed by Project Exchange Chapters, educate youth in all countries through the Project Exchange podcast and blog, and activate by working to make a lasting change on cultural education in the U.S.

We will increase my / our compassion by...

Giving people was to understand the world around them, set young people in America started on the path of becoming global citizens, and helping to make cultural discrimination a thing of the past.

How will you show courage?

We will show courage by standing up for those who are discriminated against on the basis of their culture. We will make sure that youth in America have the tools necessary to achieve a mutual understanding with the rest of the world.

How will you collaborate with others?

We will collaborate with others by setting up Project Exchange Chapters across the U.S. and working directly with high school students to implement our service projects.

How will you know you are moving in the right direction? (What are specific ways you can measure your impact?)

With the Digital Exchange Program, we can measure our impact by seeing how many people participate in the Digital Exchange Program and taking surveys before and after the Digital Exchange Program to see how far each participant has come in terms of cultural understanding. With Chapters, we can measure our impact by conferring with the Chapter Presidents to see what they have done in their community.

Key Steps

  • Set up a Project Exchange website
  • Set up the Digital Exchange Program
  • Launch the first cohort of the Digital Exchange Program
  • Establish Project Exchange Chapters in American high schools and colleges
  • Guide the chapters in their service projects
  • Continuously come up with new ideas/programs we can develop and implement


PeaceFirst A.
23 January 2019 14:39

Thanks for sharing your project with the community!  

Andrea C. Peace First Staff
31 January 2019 16:00

Hi Ashley,

How are you? Just one more step to get a mini-grant for up to $250! You are so close to implement your project and address the injustices in your community! :)

I noticed you hadn’t made any updates lately and I wonder if you have any question on how to fill out the mini-grant application. I am here to help you! I am hoping to hear from you soon so I can process your mini-grant and send the check your way.


Fish S. Peace First Staff
6 March 2019 14:27

Hi Ashley! Ready to submit your mini-grant? Your plan is approved and we're excited to help you bring it to life.  

Fish S. Peace First Staff
13 April 2019 20:29

Hey Ashley! I noticed you hadn't submitted your mini-grant application yet and wanted to check in. We really believe on what you're working on, we think your plan is great, and we're ready to support it with a grant of up to $250 -- so send in your mini-grant application as soon as you can!